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COVID 19 - Two super easy face mask ideas that just about everyone will be able to make, so please make extras to give to friends, family & neighbours etc.


Converting PDF files into SVG files for digital cutting machines.

I am occasionally asked about converting the PDF files that I upload to the website into SVG files for your digital cutting machines, but having never been tempted to buy one I really wouldn't know. But I have now asked Google for the answer & came across this, which I hope will help?

How to free the plates from your Gemini machine if they get stuck inside.

Simply power up the machine, hold down the pause (centre) button for 15 seconds & they release & roll out of the machine.

How to print the PDF files from this (or any other) website.

How to print a PDF file.pdf
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How to resize an image using Microsoft Word

Resizing an image using Microsoft Word.p[...]
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How to create an A5 insert template in Microsoft Word

Creating an A5 insert template using mic[...]
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How to .....insert a link from a web page into an email.

How to .........insert a link from the i[...]
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How to shrink A4 sheets by half using your printer settings, & how to print out in draft quality for a shabby chic look.

Saving and printing files in booklet and[...]
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How to emboss vellum through an embossing folder.

It is really easy to emboss vellum through your embossing folders, simply fold a piece of regular copier paper in half & slip your vellum inside, place inside your embossing folder & run through the machine as usual. This prevents the vellum from cracking & you get a fabulous impression not only on the vellum, but on the paper too!


For larger embossing folders just use full sheets of coper paper to 'sandwich' the vellum.

How to cut intricate dies:

If you are struggling to cut an intricate die through your machine invest in a metal shim, they are not too expensive & will easily outlive your machine - & the next couple too! Simply slip into position behind your die if your machine requires the cutting part of your die facing upward, or on top if the die faces downward. 

How to remove pieces from the dies easily:

Use waxed paper when cutting intricate dies, simply place it between the die & the paper/card you want to cut before passing through the machine & the pieces will come out easily by tapping the back of the die on the edge of your work table.


Personally I have one of those tools with the roller brush on one end & I simply wouldn't bother using intricate dies if I didn't have it, it makes using dies much more of a pleasure. I prefer the Zutter version as you can replace the parts, including the brushes when they do eventually shed their bristles.

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