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                   Action Wobblers

Action wobblers are a really easy way to give movement to an embellishment on your project, & they are super easy to make.....

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These are so easy I don't know why I didn't think of them before! All you need is:


Sheet of good quality heavy weight double sided adhesive

Flourish die & die cutting machine (or maybe a friend who has both)



Use the die to cut out a flourish from the double sided adhesive sheet - actually cut a few as this is quite addictive! Get comfortable in front of the TV with a tray/glass cutting mat & remove a little section of the waxed film & position the gems, peel away more film & attach more until the flourish is fully covered. 


If you remember - do the next one the opposite way around so you will have left & right facing flourishes.


Store them so they stay flat & then when you want to use them simply peel away the waxed film on the back a little at a time as you position it on your project. You can cut into these too if you only need a small piece, but keep all of the cut offs, no matter how small - they will come in useful!

                      Easy mini bunting 

The quickest & easiest way to make tiny bunting to embellish your designs is by using a paper punch & some twine - my personal favourite is a small 2.5cm circle punch. Simply punch from a selection of papers - or to match your current project - smear with glue & then fold in half over the twine! Hey presto, a lovely string of mini bunting!

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