Vintage Office - Tinted Rose Embellishme[...]
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A couple of files from the archives

If you have any printable vellum or acetate you can use them to make shaker embellishments on your projects, they also make great tags either hanging from your card or from a gift?

Just Jars.pdf
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Adobe Acrobat document [760.5 KB]

Scalloped Edge Tea Bag Rosette

Constructing a tea bag rosette.pdf
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Paper folded shirts

Help File - Folding a paper shirt.pdf
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White Spotty Flowers.pdf
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The idea with these sheets is to cut out the shapes & then use the waste as a stencil to draw through onto your own papers etc. Plus a friend in the US reliably informs me that they can be converted into cutting files if you have the right software.

Bird Template 2.pdf
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Fish Templates.pdf
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Crystal or Pearl Flourishes

These are so easy I don't know why I didn't think of them before! All you need is:


Sheet of heavy weight double sided adhesive

Flourish die & die cutting machine (or maybe a friend who has both)



Use the die to cut out a flourish from the double sided adhesive sheet - actually cut a few as this is quite addictive! Get comfortable in front of the TV with a tray/glass cutting mat & remove a little section of the waxed film & position the gems, peel away more film & attach more until the flourish is fully covered. 


If you remember - do the next one the opposite way around so you will have left & right facing flourishes.


Store them so they stay flat & then when you want to use them simply peel away the waxed film on the back a little at a time as you position it on your project. You can cut into these too if you only need a small bit, but keep all of the cut offs, no matter how small - they will come in useful!

Christmas stockings

A pattern to knit these little Christmas stockings - unfortunately I didn't have any red or green yarn when I designed these - but you get the idea!

Knitted Christmas Stocking Embellishment[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [211.1 KB]

Easy mini bunting 

The quickest & easiest way to make tiny bunting to embellish your designs is by using a paper punch & some twine - my personal favourite is a small 2.5cm circle punch.

Simply punch from a selection of papers - or to match your current project - smear with glue & then fold in half over the twine! Hey presto, a lovely string of mini bunting!

Bespoke Gift Bows

Gift Bows - Photographic Worksheet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [613.9 KB]

'Tatty' Roses

Photographic Help File- Making tatty ros[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [742.2 KB]

Paper (or ribbon) Roses:

Fact Sheet - paper roses.pdf
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Mini Paper Bonnets

Photographic Help File - Mini Paper Bonn[...]
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