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Saturday 20th July


A lovely image, again by George Barbier, of a lady outdoors in a garden.


This leaves only one more sheet in the file, which I will upload for you in the coming week.


Just had a heavy shower so hoping that will be enough to sate the plants & I won't need to go out with the hose later.


Catch you all again in the morning with the newsletter.


Rita x

Friday 19th July


The third of ten in these gold framed Santa card kits for you this afternoon. 


I designed them to be identical, apart from the actual Santa images, so print off an extra sheet at the end to decorate a box & sell them at your craft fairs this autumn.


Rita x

Thursday 18th July


The next in this series of beautiful bird depictions this afternoon, that I worked up into oval decoupages for you.


I have made another of those really sturdy tubular boxes that I saw on YouTube the other week, simply because I enjoy making them!


Rita x

Wednesday 17th July


Did a bit of crafting last night & a bit of sewing this morning, pictures now in the gallery.


A really cute little single eight hour burn tea light gift box template for you today (glad I am typing that & not trying to say it)! They are really easy to store too as they stack!


Rita x

Tuesday 16th July


Something a bit different now, I got an idea for some flower images, but it took me a while to find a picture of good enough quality to enable me to manipulate it in order to create a frame.


So now I have an embroidery ring frame that I can use whenever I like!


I ordered a new hammock which arrived this morning, so I have been outside assembling it for much of the day. It is better quality than the previous one, but didn't come with cushions - just as well I saved those from the previous one!


Rita x

Monday 15th July


Coming to the very end of these George Barbier inspired sheets now with only one more this week & the final one to upload next week.


This is a nice image of three girls enjoying the outdoors.


Have been die cutting all of my  scraps today but did squeeze in a couple of cards, which are now in the gallery.


Rita x

Sunday 14th July


Okay I think I have settled on this design for the background of the web page - for now at least!


The second of ten framed Santa card kits for you today. Though I have pasted images of them onto one sheet & posted that at the head of that page so you can see what it is you will be collecting.


I launched a new paper collection today too, I called it Zig Zags.


Alongside the bonus sheet that I upload with the newsletter every Sunday morning, there are  a bunch of other sheets that I uploaded directly to their pages this morning too, so watch out for those as you browse the site.


Rita x

Saturday 13th July


I just had some little visitors; my sister dropped by with something I had accidentally left in the car while out shopping yesterday, & she was accompanied by my nieces two youngest.


I love having the kids around & they all know where their craft box is kept.


Okay the last of the rose file today, this deep decoupage sheet is also accompanied by a backing paper, but I have also put a link to that on the decoupage page, to make it easier for you.


Nothing new for the gallery today as I have been doing housework all day.


Rita x

Friday 12th July


Another George Barbier inspired sheet for you this afternoon, a straightforward decoupage this time rather than the oval designs I have uploaded so much recently.


I was messing about last night & earlier today with ideas for some specific gift packaging & am really happy with the results, so lots of new images in the gallery, if you are interested.


Been out with my sister all day today: coffee, shopping, lunch & more shopping, & the lovely weather was purely a bonus!


Rita x

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