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Friday 20th September


A one off decoupage for you this afternoon featuring a vintage poster image.


I really need to crack on & get some work done on some new decoupages for you, but I have simply been too distracted this week!


Rita x

Thursday 9th September


I have spent much of the day tidying up in the back garden, but I did manage to squeeze in a little crafting! So there are three new images in the gallery, if you want to see?


The gooseberry design from the fruit creations file for you today, plus the matching background paper.


Rita x

Wednesday 18th September


I just caught up on some photography so a little bunch of new images in the gallery, if you are interested?


A new box template for you this afternoon, this one requires no glue & can be hung from the tree. 


I am also pretty sure there must be at least dozen ways to use these as an Advent calendar for the kids too?


Rita x

Tuesday 17th September


I thought I would put a Christmas decoupage together for you & these little elves were a perfect image to use.


It is also one of those pictures that is sure to make you smile, so I am pretty confident that you will really enjoy working with it.


Rita x

Monday 16th September


As I mentioned in the newsletter yesterday when I previewed this sheet, I was inspired by something I saw on YouTube, which I think was a stamped background.


So I worked on the idea for a couple of days & compiled a small file of designs, & these individual cupcake toppers are the first of those.


Rita x

Sunday 15th September


Now I have uploaded all of the bird decoupages I have gone back to the files to find stuff that I created a while ago now.


So here is a lovely image of a wild bear that I decoupaged to keep you going while I put some new decoupages together. There are about six animals in that file, so by the time I upload those I should have lots of new stuff ready.


As well as the bonus sheet that I posted with the newsletter this morning - it is lovely so worth checking out - I published a handful of stuff directly to the pages on the site, so watch out for those as you browse.


Rita x

Saturday 14th September


The final sheet from this Christmas card kit series for you today.


Again I mention that you can use the two backing papers I supplied to accompany this series & that will give you greater scope, & basically more bang for your buck - or printer ink in this case.


Rita x

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