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Friday 24th January


After my exercise this morning I headed out into the garden to get around to the pruning that I should have done months ago. I have been thinking about doing it all week as we have been experiencing some chilly but lovely weather, which attracts me to the windows & reminds me of all of the stuff I didn't do at the end of autumn!


There are still loads of leaves strewn around out back but by the time I had dealt with all of the pruning I was feeling the chill, so the leaves will have to wait until I am inspired to do some more gardening!



The third sheet of these toppers I created using more of those bird images that I like so much.


When I came back indoors I had lunch & then settled at the computer. I managed an hour but got restless then so switched to making a card instead. It began as a flip card & evolved into a shaker, & although I have posted it to the gallery I think it will end up in the bin fairly soon!


Rita x

Thursday 23rd January


As soon as I was done on the exercise bike this morning I settled down to another hour or so working at the computer & then called a cab & headed along to the High Street, about lunch time.


I wanted to get a card sent off at the post office & also needed a few bits scattered among shops in the mall & on the street. I was out for a couple of hours & then called the cab company to come pick me up & bring me home. 



The second of the three intricate duo decoupage & paper sheets that I have planned for you this week. I think this one is an aster, or possibly a daisy - not good with names of things, as you already know.


I had my usual ham salad when I got in around 2pm & then settled long enough to make one card (which I will post to the gallery when I am done here) before I wandered off again & ended up curled up with the second of those books I bought last week.


When I get it finished I will give you my verdict on both the author & the two books, which I expect will be at the weekend.


Rita x

Wednesday 22nd January


It has been another restless day; I was up, showered & dressed by 7.15am as I didn't know what time the electrician would arrive, the only time frame I had been given was 'morning'. He actually didn't get here until just after nine, by which time I was just about done on the exercise bike.


Oddly he couldn't find a fault on the socket & it worked fine when he moved the kettle back onto that bench & plugged it back in? But it is nice having the kettle back on that bench, it gets in the way anywhere else!



The second sheet of six in these bird toppers for you today, I love working with these images as they are just so detailed.


Anyhow, I did get a bit of work done in two sessions today, someone had requested some cat decoupages so I made a start on some new one's. 


I also took everything out of that horrid, damp cupboard under the kitchen sink & gave it a good clean. The plumber will be here next Wednesday to fix the ceased stop cock in there so I was shamed into doing it! I also cleaned all of the windows & the four floor to ceiling mirrored robe doors.


At some point I did try to settle at the work bench & came up with two cards, but I am not particularly happy with either though I did take pictures & post them to the gallery.


Rita x

Tuesday 21st January


I got some work done again this morning, not so much as yesterday but a few bits anyhow.


Then I spent a couple of hours working on a birthday card that I need to send soon, no pictures as it is for a lady who follows the site & I don't want to spoil the surprise.


But I did go on to make a second card, which took much of the rest of the afternoon, & I have posted that one to the gallery if you want to see.



It has been a while since I worked up any of those intricate decoupages that I know some of you really like, but I only completed three so will be uploading them all for you in the coming days.


I used the flowers that I also used for the Country Cottage Chic collection, so you could pop them into that folder if you wanted to?


So a half sheet of intricate floral decoupage, plus a couple of mini toppers, as well as a half sheet of matching background paper.


Rita x

Monday 20th January


I have spent much of the day working at the computer, but I did take a break & made a couple of cards earlier, which I will add to the gallery when I finish this update.



The final sheet from the Sophistication file for you this afternoon, this being another three layer decoupage topper & half sheet backing paper.


Rita x

Sunday 19th January


I did a bit of work for a couple of hours this morning before I logged off & got stuck into the last of the weekend housework. Though it has been yet another restless day where I have been easily distracted so I have done all sorts of other stuff too.

Diary Dates


There weren't many sheets left in the Lace Hearts file this morning, so I used one topper sheet as the bonus, alongside the newsletter, & published two backgrounds direct to site, so this is the final sheet of toppers & I can dump the file now.


I also published the final papers from the Country Cottage Chic file direct to site this morning too, so that is another file closed. There are some duo sheets coming up later in the week that will happily sit in your Country Cottage Chic folder however, as I used the same flowers to create them as I had used throughout that series.


I have the final sheet from the Sophistication file planned for later in the week too, so it was a good morning for closing down files!


Rita x

Saturday 18th January


I actually didn't settle down with one of my new books until about an hour ago, I somehow got side tracked at the work bench last night instead? 


I also made a couple of cards earlier while toying with some birthday card ideas, so there are a bunch of new images to see if you are interested?



I just double checked & there are only two more sheets left in the Sophistication file & one of those in a generic backing paper, which I will probably publish direct to site in the morning, so I will drop the other into next weeks line up & close the file.


The restlessness I have been dealing with all week actually helped me out today & I have the bulk of the weekend housework done, plus ticked a couple of things off the 'To do' list too!


Catch you all in the morning with the newsletter.


Rita x

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