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Wednesday 12th August


I just picked the first of the blackberries to ripen out front, they were so well hidden I hadn't even realised they were there! It is going to be a super bumper harvest this year judging by the masses of still green berries I can see. I only discovered about 20 that were ripe enough to pick today, but I was distracted by Ford escaping & running riot across the street!


Anyhow, it was foggy for much of the morning & it took the sun a long time to actually break through, but once it did it warmed up rather fast - & so simply offering Ford water after he had run up & down the street a dozen times was enough to catch him today. Fortunately for one of Emilie's care team, who had accidentally let him escape.

Card Kits & Papers


Another of these pretty card kits with matching backgrounds for you today featuring wild flower artwork from Mary Vaux Walcott.


I spent much of the morning & well into the afternoon at the work bench creating hard covers for one of those Wilko 20p jotters, a portion of a memo block & one section from a coloured block of sticky notes. I will upload some pictures when I am done here, then what I have just typed might actually make sense!!!


Then I did a bit of midweek housework, vacuuming, dusting & cleaning the kitchen floor again. The sun was out by this point so that lured me out into the garden where I picked up about half a carrier bags worth of fallen leaves, & then got the hose going while I was out there.


It was only after I had watered out back & carried the watering can through to do out front that I discovered the blackberries.........


Okay I am off to upload those pictures.


Rita x

Tuesday 11th August


I have been restless for a few days & as it is such a gorgeous day today I decided to head out along to the High Street.


I only had a couple of things on my list, some radishes that were out of stock for my grocery delivery yesterday, & some Miracle- Gro that my friend Kathy, over there in the States, recommended to give my plants a bit of a boost.


I managed to get a box of Miracle-Gro in B&M, the first shop I went into, but the face mask felt as if it was stuck to my face by the time I came out so I have bought one & will test that out next time I am out & about.


I wandered around the Works & then headed over to the Co-Op for some sliced cooked meat, as Asda still seems to be having problems with their suppliers & I wasn't able to order any.


Finally I headed for the green grocers for the radishes & then went to the cab office to get my ride home.

Diary Dates


If you read the weekly newsletter I publish to the site each Sunday morning you will know the story behind this little series of Christmas sheets. Basically I printed some images & coloured them - proof that I am useless at colouring - before scanning them back into the computer so I could work with them.


Here a Christmas pudding with a cluster of poinsettia that I have grouped together to create the image & then deconstructed everything again to create decoupage layers for you. 


When I got home I mixed some of the Miracle-Gro in the watering can & dowsed everything with that, which will give it time to soak in before I go out with the hose & do a proper watering later, when it cools down a bit.


Then I settled at the work bench & created a card, which I need to upload to the computer when I am done here, before I can post it to the gallery, so I will go do that now.


Rita x

Monday 10th August


It rained all morning so I took the opportunity to clean all of the windows & the four huge floor to ceiling mirrored robe doors. It is almost impossible to do them when the sun is shining, particularly in the bedroom.


Apart from that I have been playing around with a couple of pop up cards all day.

Bags, Boxes & Gifts


There wasn't a page for these templates so I simply added '& Gifts' to the bags & boxes page.


Here I covered the front of this 20p handy jotter from Wilko - sorry I didn't do an American version as I don't think you have Wilko over there - plus created the magnetic case to attach it to the fridge/a metal surface with.


It is easy to package as a gift in a cello bag with a matching header card, so great for your craft fairs in the coming months.


I just uploaded the pictures from the cards today, so they are now in the gallery if you are interested.


Catch up with you all again tomorrow afternoon.


Rita x

Sunday 9th August


I have had a blissfully relaxing day! I had the housework done by 10am & have just been messing about for the rest of the day. I have begun work on a new beaded bracelet, made a card & another mini milk carton with three windows.


The sun finally burned its way through the clouds mid morning so it has been a nice day outside too, even with that cool breeze.

Design Sets


This is the partner of the other design set that I published a couple of weeks ago. Again featuring winter scenes with a matching backing paper for each & again the addition of the mini images.


As well as the Christmas icons colouring sheet, that I published as the bonus sheet alongside the newsletter this morning, I also did the usual scattering of sheets direct to page, so watch out for those as you browse.


Okay, I will post the pictures of the card & box & then sign off. Catch up with you all again tomorrow afternoon.


Rita x

Saturday 8th August


The cloud mass of yesterday finally drifted away & today we have lots of sunshine & a lovely cool breeze. But I have been too restless to make use of the weather, instead I have done a load of jobs & most of the weekend housework.



Another decoupage from these vintage recipe book images today, & apart from maybe around the candles, this will be a nice easy one for you to cut out.


Being a birthday cake it could be a good one to print off to keep in your stash, so it is there ready when you need it.


Catch up with you all again in the morning with the newsletter & bonus uploads.


Rita x

Friday 7th August


It is a beautiful day again, warm & sultry, but the cloud mass has covered the sun completely all day so it is a bit oppressive too.


I did go out for a while & relaxed in the swing hammock doing puzzles, but ended up doing gardening as usual.

Card Kits & Papers


Another of those wild flower card kits with a matching backing paper for you this afternoon. 


So having spent much of the day out in the garden I really don't have anything to write here. So I will catch up with you all again tomorrow afternoon.


Rita x

Thursday 6th August


I had to go out this morning so while I was out I thought I would pop into the Works to see if they had anything inspiring.


It wasn't actually craft stuff that I was after, I had seen something online using puzzle books so I wanted a couple the same size to try out something similar. Happily I found two of identical size with differing puzzles inside so I bought those.


I also nipped into the green grocer & stocked up on my favourite berries, though they didn't have any blackberries today I did get my raspberries & strawberries, so a berry rich smoothie planned for later.

Diary Dates


I had an image of the fireside in my resource files, as well as the seated Santa image so I cut the background from the latter & played around positioning that onto the fire place setting. I eventually decided I was happy having resized the Santa & flipped it over, so happy in fact that I created the matching background paper that you see above.


When I got home it was too nice to settle indoors so I headed out back for a bit of a tidy & to plant another couple of celery off cuts that I have managed to get growing. I have about eight of those planted in total now & they are all doing really well. The tomato slice I planted & then potted on when I got seedlings however has stagnated a bit, so I think I may have potted those on too early.


I haven't done anything with the new raspberry cane that I bought at the garden centre yesterday yet, still thinking about that as every time I get those growing something gets to them? Though it will be next year before that really gets going so I have time to consider my options.


I launched a new Vintage Rose paper collection today, so you may want to check that out?


I also just uploaded some pictures to the gallery too.


Catch you all again tomorrow afternoon.


Rita x

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