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Friday 3rd April


I did the usual couple of hours at the computer first thing & then headed into the shower as usual, around 9am.

Card Kits


The final sheet from these rose card kits for you today, & I still have a bunch of the matching backgrounds to get published so I will continue to post little  batches of those direct to page on Sunday mornings.


I do have more designs in the rose file, some that I have been working on in recent days, so collect the backgrounds as I get them online as some of the other designs will also work with those backgrounds.


Rita x

Thursday 2nd April


It has been really blustery all day today, the empty plant hanger next to the front door kept bouncing off the bedroom bay window while I was on the exercise bike there this morning, but I ignored it. It is only one of those macrame one that I made a couple of summers ago so won't do any damage.


My sister texted last night to ask if I needed anything as she was going to the supermarket first thing this morning, but apart from the kitchen rolls (that I have been trying to get my hands on for weeks) there was only raspberries & blackberries that I needed. So she kindly dropped those off at the gate just after I was done exercising, along with some much needed kitchen rolls - bonus! Thanks Sis! x

Decoupage & Paper


Another of the story book image sheets for you today, & I am pretty sure that this could be Little Bo Peep? So a decoupage sheet with additional mini images, accompanied by a full sheet of matching background paper.


I have worked at the computer for much of the day again, but I did finish off a card I began last night & made another one too, so I have just posted those to the gallery.


I have already recycled the three I posted yesterday when I decided I didn't actually like them after all, but I will leave them online until I have a few more to post to the gallery.


Rita x

Wednesday 1st April


Weather seems to have warmed up a teeny bit today?


I have been on a mega design session today & got some lovely new stuff put together. That is basically all I have done all day apart from a half hour out back planting up some herb seeds.

Just Words


A sheet of word toppers for you this afternoon, I created these in lovely fresh spring time colours & covered a few occasions that you might happen to need.


I was at the work bench last night & made two & a half cards, the third one I finished when I was done in the garden this afternoon. So I used them to open the April section of the gallery.


Stay safe everyone.


Rita x

Tuesday 31st March


I have spent much of my day at the work bench. I did do a bit of work first thing but in the main I have been messing with paper & card.


I dug out some of my old Spellbinder dies & cut out a few sets & put those aside, ready to incorporate in a design as & when. I find crafting much more enjoyable & smoother if I have lots of stuff precut, then even if the colour doesn't go with the particular project that I am working on, at least I can judge what it would look like before going ahead & it cutting out in a complimentary colour.


But I did end up making three cards which I have posted to the gallery, one other only made it as far as the bin!

Decoupage & Paper 


A pretty little decoupage with extra mini images & a paper ribbon, accompanied by a matching backing paper.


The weather has changed this week so it is now too chilly to go out & get some stuff done in the garden, hopefully it will improve again soon as I have a growing list of things that I want to do out there.


I also have a couple of ideas pencilled on a general sewing list, so if I do tire of paper crafting & designing sheets for you every day, I can get the sewing machine out & dust it off.


I have heaps of fabric stashed around the place so I am sure that no matter what ideas I have in the coming days & weeks, I will have something suitable.


Okay, smoothie time..............


Rita x

Monday 30th March


I shut down the computer after the basics this morning so I could get on with working on the second sample of that ink pad storage unit, in order to take pictures for the project notes.


I did the usual hour on the exercise bike after my shower & then settled down to get the project notes typed up. You know this isn't exactly my favourite bit of creating something new for you, but it has to be done. I did take a coffee break briefly while I amended some stuff in my Asda delivery for tomorrow. 

Card Kits


The penultimate sheet from this collection of card kits I created from the roses resource file for you this afternoon.


I got back to typing up the project notes after a chat with my sister, who rang earlier, & I just got those finished. I will send the package off to Janette, who got me inspired to design it, when I am done here & then save it to file to upload for you soon.


Not really sure what I will use these samples for as I barely have enought mini ink pads to fill one drawer, never mind eight drawers, but I am sure I will find a use for them eventually.


I will add the picture of the second sample below.


Rita x

Sunday 29th March


I have to admit that when the alarm sounded at 7am I got up & switched it off & went back to sleep for the hour we lost to British Summer Time clock changes overnight! I simply can't understand why we still play around with the clocks twice a year, it just doesn't make any sense at all!


Anyhow, think I have managed to find just enough recycled chipboard to make a second example of the mini ink pad unit that I came up with yesterday, so at least I can now take step by step pictures to add to the project notes. A couple of my large format paper pads no longer have a back cover, but a small price to pay!



I know how much you like these oval decoupages so I have another one for you this afternoon. I added a shaped panel behind this image rather than crop it down so there wasn't so much of the original paper showing, which is what I would generally do, & I think it worked quite well.


As well as the bonus sheet, that I always publish alongside the newsletter each Sunday morning, I also posted some sheets direct to page; a few more of the rose backing papers & a couple of sheets of greeting panels which actually are the rest of the trio to accompany the bonus sheet.


So tomorrow I plan on making up the second example of the ink pad storage unit so I can take the step by step photo's, & then type up the project notes to include them.


Rita x

Saturday 28th March


Before I forget to mention it the clocks go forward overnight, so we will all be groggy in the morning with an hour less sleep than usual, or at least I will?


I have had a request which I have been working on all day today. Usually they are for a specific theme, decoupage or card shape etc. which I can do in an hour or two, but this one was much more fun!


One of my regular readers asked if I could help her with something she had found onlne, a storage unit for mini ink pads. She couldn't make sense of the dimensions supplied so sent them to me to see if I could, along with a picture.


But to be honest I find it much easier to begin from scratch so once I had acertained that each of the four drawers held ten mini ink pads I got to work.


First I had to search through my stash, & around the rest of the flat, to find some chipboard to use, this was eventually sourced from the back of cardboard backed envelopes & the back of paper pads etc. cereal boxes simply wouldn't have been strong enough.



The last of these duo sheets of framed toppers with a half sheet of coordinating backing paper.


Anyhow, I measured one of the few mini ink pads that I do own to assess the dimensions I would need & set about my task. Now I have a sample made up with the templates designed & digitised, & just need to find more recycled chipboard to make up a second sample, in order to do the step by step photo's I need to add to the project notes.


Once it is all done I will save a copy of everything ready to upload for you to make, but I will add a picture below for you to see what I have been doing.


Rita x

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