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Wednesday 21st October


I was contemplating a trip to the High Street & back earlier, but I had a dental appointment this afternoon & as I am not desperate for shopping I did think that perhaps I would drop in at the High Street afterwards, but in the end I came straight home.


I can nip along the High Street some other time, it is really only to stock up on my latte pods, some berries for my smoothies & to use the cash machine, & I can do that any time.



So rather than go out earlier I have been working on a template that has been requested. Strange but I had seen a die online the other day that I pondered over & then decided that I really didn't need any more dies right now, & the request I had this morning was for a template resembling that die. Odd hu?


Anyhow, I have almost cracked it I think, so if I can get it sorted I will upload it for you as my parting gift!


Catch you all tomorrow afternoon.


Rita x

Tuesday 20th October


Just finished my latest knitting project & there is a picture in the gallery, along with pictures of the twenty pairs of glittery pompom earrings for all of the female staff at the dentist & the start I have made on their packaging.


I got the earrings done while waiting for the courier to arrive yesterday evening, initially schedules for between 4 & 6, at 6.30pm I got a new message to say it had been rescheduled for 6 - 8pm. By 9 I had completely given up on it actually arriving but at 9.45pm the courier rang the door bell.


I had wondered if it was someone new, or if whoever was making the delivery was having a bad day & it turned out to be the latter. 



I was checking the calendar earlier & noticed that it is this weekend that we change the clocks, somehow I thought it was always the last weekend of the month! So on Saturday night we get an extra hour in bed.


At the same time I realised that after the newsletter this coming Sunday that I won't be posting any more & that means I can then have a lie in on Sunday mornings whenever I want thereafter! Heaven!


I have the dentist mid afternoon tomorrow, then a week off & hopefully the final appointment (for the time being at least) the week after, which is when I plan on taking in all of the earrings for them to wear at Christmas time.


Catch you all again tomorrow afternoon.


Rita x

Monday 19th October


I had a few deliveries booked for today, though only the Asda one went to schedule. Another due at 9.30am arrived around lunchtime & one that would generally come with the courier at about 9am, I have now had a text to say will be here between 4 & 6 this evening. But that is just a couple of packs of my favourite base card from Hobbycraft.



The next couple of sheets from this final file for you this afternoon.


While I was waiting around for the Asda delivery I went out back & raked up most of the fallen leaves again & squashed those down into the bin, in the hope that I will get at least one more load in probably next week, as well as the usual trash, before it is emptied again.


We don't have the garden bins in this area unfortunately?


I caught up on a couple of things I wanted done around the house this morning too, so it has been a pretty mixed bag of a day.


Catch you all again tomorrow.


Rita x

Sunday 18th October


Rather than uploading a bonus sheet this morning alongside the newsletter I posted a whole bunch of raw videos to the renamed video page. I thought there were nine but I think it turned out to be ten?



I have now finished uploading all of the raw, unedited videos to YouTube, so I will upload the final five or six to the site at some point in the week for you.


Rita x

Saturday 17th October


I spent the morning uploading videos to YouTube, but then Postie Bob delivered one of those books that I ordered the other day & that distracted me.


So there are ten new videos on the Paper Craft Tutor channel now, but I will upload them all to the website for you in the morning.



I really need to work out the ease of conversion from metric to Imperial that I see the professional video crafters use, as everything I have done thus far has been in metric. I need to do this as in the past six months or so my biggest following switched from the UK to the USA, & I know you only work in inches.


We went metric here in 1972, so coming up to 50 years ago now but we still use pounds & pints widely. Not sure how we have that split but after all this time I think it has stuck.


Catch up with you all in the morning with the newsletter & all of the videos.


Rita x

Friday 16th October


After the usual morning routines I came back to the work bench as I had began figuring out how to make up a box & packaging for a little set I put together last night & I wanted to get it finished.


Happily it came together so I made up a second one ready to put into totes this Christmas. Pictures in gallery if you want to see.



With the bin due to be emptied this morning I was hoping for a dry start to the day so I could go out to get more gardening done, but it had been raining in the night so a dry start simply wasn't happening.


By the time the grey skies brightened & the sun came out I was too engrossed at the work bench, so the gardening will have to wait for another day now.


Catch you all again tomorrow.


Rita x

Thursday 15th October


While I was doing my exercise this morning I decided to order a couple of books, one to help me learn some new knitting stitches, & the other to enhance my very basic crochet skills. 


That done I noticed that the really crazy winds of late had managed to blow leaves from the big tree out back across the roof & into my tiny front garden, so as soon as I was done on the exercise bike I went out front & picked those up.


Of course then I had to go out back where I spent three & a half hours clearing up the leaves out there & ramming them into the bin, which fortunately is emptied tomorrow morning.


While I was out there the new girl in Margarets old flat came out onto her balcony so we introduced ourselves & had a bit of a chat. 



I am already weary of saying 'the next in the series' so I am not even going to bother today! You know exactly what I will be uploading each day until the end of the month anyhow, more of the same.


I eventually came back indoors as even though I was bundled up it was chilly out there, so I made myself a second latte to have with a very late lunch.


Since then I have been doing a bit of mid week housework.


Catch you all again tomorrow.


Rita x

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