Daily Updates

Monday 17th December


The courier called as arranged at about 9.20am to collect his Christmas gift of shortbread, as well as a Christmas & birthday card, as it was his birthday yesterday.


I had a basket full of gifts when I climbed into the cab twenty minutes later heading to the dentist, the cab driver was amused!  But as I have said before, I like the people who look after me to know that I appreciate it, especially at Christmas time. 


My dentist did a quick bit of work on one tooth, just to save me having to go back early in the New Year, so now I am not due to return until April.


When I got home I dropped the empty basket & I went straight back out with a bunch of cards & calendars to push through letter boxes around the neighbourhood, & then an hour or so later Postie Bob arrived with postievan man Nick to collect the shortbread for himself & for the sorting office.


So all of my Christmas cards & hand made gifts have either been delivered or collected, so I have loads more room on & around the work bench again!

Diary Dates


The first in a new theme for the diary dates page, when I saw this cute little image I though straight away what a sweet Valentine card it would make, so I have created a decoupage as well as adding a couple of circular images to the sheet for you too - I deliberately didn't overwrite the image with a greeting, so you would be free to use them for whatever suits your needs.


I haven't done much since I got home for the second time, I did have a play with the new gadget for a while to make multiple pockets in a page protector & then cut card up to fit in each space, stamped an image onto those & spent the afternoon colouring.


It was an enjoyable afternoon but I am not confident at colouring so won't be loading any pictures to the gallery of that, though I may make something similar - that doesn't require my child like colouring technique - & if it turns out okay I will let you see that.


I need to go along to the High Street at some point before Christmas as I need to use the cash machine, but as I have had an Asda delivery booked in for this Thursday for three weeks now, I won't really need anything else anyhow.


Catch you all again tomorrow.


Rita x

Sunday 16th December


Not quite 100% yet so it took me the whole day to get all of the housework done, as I had to keep having little breaks. But it is all done now & the shortbread is all packaged up ready to be collected/delivered tomorrow morning too!



It has been really good to get back to playing with regular images again, rather than Christmas stuff all of the time, so I decided to refresh the pages that have stagnated of late.


So today I have a sheet for the guys page featuring a winter theme, so would be ideal for birthdays at this time of year.



As there was only one Christmas themed sheet left in the file I decided to use it as the bonus sheet this morning, to accompany the newsletter.


The footfall on the Christmas stuff has slowed to a crawl now so I am assuming that most of you have your cards done, & probably in the post, so I haven't worked up any new Christmas sheets. Happily that means I get about six months off before I need to begin thinking about designs for next Christmas! Yippee!!!!!


Okay I am off for a bit of a sit down to watch some TV before I think about what to make for tea.


Catch you all tomorrow afternoon.


Rita x

Saturday 15th December


I got a little distracted just now when I spotted the mail Postie Bob dropped off early afternoon, still unopened. I was actually cutting up blocks of butter for the shortbread & caramel topping so had asked him to leave them on the end of my work bench, & then I completely forgot about them.


Anyhow this led to a quick email to thank Matalan for their 25% voucher to spend in store between 6th & 12th December, & pointing out that as it only arrived today, the 15th, they completely wasted their resources in both the production & in postal costs!


Okay back to the update..........


I got some work done this morning creating more oval decoupages for you, as I know you like those. Then after I was showered & exercised I got the new gadget out & had a play.


It didn't take long to get the hang of it but had to raid files around the place to find enough poly pockets to use with it - so I ordered some new one's which will be here next week.


Then I did a bit of stamping & basic colouring, a little die cutting & then a bit more die cutting when I realised that I didn't have any Christmas coloured shakers for the project. Happily I have a die that cuts out lots of circles (as waste) so didn't take me long to create some bits from double sided foiled card. Anyhow, the eight little tags I made are now in the Gallery, they are all the pretty much the same & the picture shows you both sides.



One of the most recent images I tinkered with in order to create the oval decoupage style that I know you like. This is a really cute image which works beautifully with this format.


I had my usual wrap for lunch & then got started on preparing everything for the four batches of Millionaires shortbread & as I already said, Postie Bob knocked at this stage. 


(Matalan already got back to me asking for my address, but I will get back to that later....).


I have a HUGE mixing bowl which I dug out of the back of the cupboard to use to mix the shortbread base (x4), I usually do it by hand but with the quantity I was dealing with I decided I would need to use the hand mixer & then finished it off by hand.


(The storm has just reached us here, I can hear the icy rain hitting the windows).


The caramel also called for the biggest pan I had, fortunately it was just big enough not to get splashed with the boiling mix too much! So now the four bases are done, with the caramel layer on top & I have finished the second round of washing up. Just the chocolate to add when everything is completely cold & then more washing up before I cut & package everything up.


OkayI am off to watch the storm for a while, before I do the Galaxy topping & make tea.


Catch you all in the morning with the newsletter.


Rita x

Friday 14th December


Was in bed asleep by 9pm last night & slept through until the alarm at 7 this morning, still felt a bit rough when I got up but following another little two hour snooze this afternoon I have perked up a bit. Hopefully after another big sleep tonight I will be just about back to normal tomorrow?


I got some more work done first thing & did mess about making cards later, one pouch shaker with too much 'stuffing' in & another, more complex one with four different sized star pouches. Both are in the Gallery, if you are interested.

Diary Dates


Okay, a bit of digital trickery now with these cameos featuring both the penguin & the bird. As you can see I shrunk the image of the bird down so he would be the right size to fit onto the penguins flipper. You can use these as card toppers or gift tags, up to you.


I have been thinking that you must be all done with your Christmas cards by now, so although I do have a couple of things left in the Christmas file I think that they can either stay there until next year, or maybe I will upload them as bonus sheets on Sunday morning.


While I have been at the work bench, before my little sleep, I found & killed two ants! I have never had problems with ants before & have no idea where these two have come from - particularly at this time of year (with snow expected overnight tomorrow/Sunday)? 


But my scalp & skin are itching just thinking that there might be more of them, & with a place this small they can very easily reach the rest of the rooms?


I had just finished the two cards earlier when Postie Bob knocked with the Christmas gift I ordered for myself yesterday - amazing service but I have used the company on Ebay before & they are always extremely fast to get stuff out - but I did expect a delay with the Christmas post & all!


I did have a quick practice with it & it doesn't like the laminater pouches much, or again the cello card bags - but happily munches up the page protectors that I tried next! I will practice some more tomorrow after I finish making the four batches of Millionaires shortbread I need ready for Monday.


Catch up with you all again then.


Rita x

Thursday 13th December


Woke with sore lungs this morning, but hopefully that is just due to having to use the central heating so much of late, same with the sore throat? But then I was out amongst the general population early in the week so could have picked up a bug? But I will likely sleep that off as usual, if that is the cause.


I got some serious work done on the computer this morning, so the files that I have been neglecting so much of late are looking slightly healthier.


I have also decided what Christmas gift I am buying myself this year ... 



The last of the sheets from the costume file now, another mirrored & layered topper sheet.


Anyhow, I settled down to play after lunch & managed to get another couple of cards done, I posted those to the Gallery before I began the update, if you are interested.


I wanted to try out that fake snow I bought the other day so made a pretty simple shaker using the stamped gnomes, but no matter how much I used the antistatic powder tool on the inside of the acetate window, the stuff was drawn to it anyhow. Never mind, I still like it!


I spent a lot longer on the second one & went back to the sealed pouch style of shaker, which was when I decided what to buy myself for Christmas!


I really thought that after making a handful of shakers with the kitchen gadget I bought that I would move on/back to something else. But almost every card I have made of late has been a shaker of one sort or another & the sealed pouch is definitely the easiest way to make them.


So I have ordered a Fuse tool, I hunted the internet & managed to find one for under £25, (£23.35) with free P&P that will arrive before Christmas - so if you have seen them cheaper please don't tell me!


Asda brought the groceries around 3.15pm so they are all stashed away already & I booked next weeks delivery early last week sometime, & I just need to amend it the day before, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to get a delivery slot then.


Okay, I am off for a cuppa. Catch you all tomorrow.


Rita x

Wednesday 12th December


Have done a bit of housework today - mainly because I left a tissue in a pocket & washed it so had bits of paper all over the kitchen when I removed the clothing from the washing machine, so I had to get the vacuum out to clear up & that led to doing everywhere & then dusting .... you get the picture!


Then by the time I got my exercise done it was lunchtime.

Diary Dates


I have used this image in previous years so if I also decided to decoupage it back then & you collected it my apologies, somehow I seem to be attracted to the same images repeatedly?


Anyhow, so I got settled in the craft zone about 12.30 & managed to make two cards, I like both even though the last one was a mistake as I was aiming for a shaker & forgot to add the acetate window inside, & the first took me ages & I wish I hadn't added fake snow to the roof tops as it caught & trapped the sequins inside of the shaker, but as I said, I like both so no matter.


I have posted both to the Gallery, if you are interested.


The only other thing I got done today was to book my Asda grocery delivery for tomorrow afternoon. Catch you all again then.


Rita x

Tuesday 11th December


I was back at the work bench this morning after I was done exercising, but only for around an hour. I wanted to try making shaker tags, so had a go with three & then decided to finish one off with an orange brush pen, & regretted it! But there is a picture of them in the Gallery anyhow!


I think I might try to improve on my technique tomorrow. I did want to try Christmas one's but had no fake snow, & if I order some online by the time it arrives I will have gone off the idea, so I didn't bother.

Diary Dates


A bunch of mirror imaged cameos of the Christmas bird I couldn't resist buying when I was out shopping recently, & who currently resides on the shelving above my work bench.


I booked a cab for about 12.15pm & headed up to Dunelm, though it was the branch of B&M nearby that I was really interested in. When the branch along at the High Street doesn't have my jelly pots or favourite 90 calorie bars in stock that branch always seem to have them, so I was on a bit of a mission.


Happily they had both in stock so I loaded my trolley with about 10 packs of the jelly pots (there are four in a pack so they should last me well into the New Year) & three boxes of the 90 calorie bars & then had a little browse.


Then I went across to Dunelm for a cuppa in the cafe & to wish the lady who generally serves me a wonderful Christmas. Afterward I had a browse but avoided the fabric section, as I can barely get the drawer under the bed (the one I use to store the bulk of it) closed these days, as there is just so much in there. But I did bump into the girl who usually serves me on the fabric section so was able to give her my Christmas wishes & she gave me a hug.


I struggled to find anything to buy there today (mainly because I avoided the fabrics) but did pick up a couple of packs of gold stars, that I can use in larger shaker projects. So with my Christmas wishes also given to the lady who often serves me at the checkout I headed outside & phoned a cab to bring me home.


After I unpacked I went out back to put stuff in the recycle bin & had a chat with Naomi over the garden fence & blew kisses with little Ryan, his big brother James has taught him how to blow me kisses as that is what he always does.


Oh almost forgot, I found some fake snow in B&M & bought a pack, so I think I might make some winter shakers tomorrow?


Catch you all then.


Rita x

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