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Friday 19th October


It was bitterly cold first thing but turned into another beautiful day.


My sister texted mid morning to ask if I wanted to go shopping with her, so she came to pick me up late morning & we had a bit of a grocery shop in various places before returning to a little place, that I liked last time, for a late lunch.


I only had strawberries, baby wipes & those little jelly pots I get from B&M on my list, but came home with three heavy bags full of stuff! Well, as I only shop online at Asda usually I seem to be missing out, so stocked up on stuff I haven't had in a long while. Besides, the B&M we went to had my jelly pots in stock so I bought loads - which filled one whole bag on their own - just in case my branch don't have them in for a while! He he he!

Diary Dates


Another of those sheets where I downloaded some lyrics for Christmas carols & incorporated them into the design, robins seem to be my favourite Christmas images this year it would seem!


I came back to the work bench last night & then skipped the usual work on the computer first thing in favour of continuing where I left off then! I had so much fun creating that final card yesterday & liked it so much that I have now made three more, using the same Sizzix stamp & die set that arrived yesterday.


I have photographed those & added them to the Gallery before I began this update.


Last night I ordered some more ear plugs - this time reusable one's, the disposables that arrived yesterday worked really well but there are only seven pairs so the box, so hopefully the others should arrive long before the disposables run out.


Okay, I am off to make a cuppa while I think about what to have for tea tonight, may just have my usual lunchtime wrap as I ate a hot meal while I was out earlier.


Rita x

Thursday 18th October


Been another sunny & dry day, so two wash loads out on the lines. While I was out hanging the first I decided I couldn't cope with the garden in such a mess any longer!


So scooped up a load of leaves using the yard broom & a plastic box & rammed them into a bin bag, stuffing as many in as possible & quit when I couldn't fit in any more. I will put it out beside the bin tonight & hope for the best!


But the garden, although far from clear, looks a whole lot better than it has done for the past week! It has been so bad that I have opened the blinds each morning as usual but left them lowered so I don't have such a full view of the mess! But they are all pulled up now.


The ear plugs arrived at lunchtime, but I think I am going to have to get them on a rotating order as they are disposables - somehow thought I would be able to use them more than once, but then that is what you get for shopping at 4am in the morning when sleep deprived!



Think this is the third of four in these sets? But again I love it as it features another of my favourite flowers, the poppy.


Spent some time this afternoon practice stamping again & made a card from an old London themed die set & another, that I just finished & really love, from a new floral stamp & die set that just arrived today by Sizzix. Both cards are now in the Gallery, if you are interested.


The Asda groceries arrived earlier but they are out of stock of strawberries again so I am hoping that it will be another fine day tomorrow as I might nip along to the High Street to see if B&M have my little 5 calorie jelly pots back in stock yet, & I can buy some strawberries while I am out. But I won't bother if it is horrible as I am not desperate enough for either to hang around on a street corner in the rain, waiting for the cab to pick me up & bring me home.


Okay off to bring in the washing & do some more ironing.


Rita x

Wednesday 17th October


It has been a lovely sunny day today, no hint of grey skies or rain so I have another wash load out. I didn't get around to doing the ironing last night so I will do both lots tonight.


I have been playing with the stamping platform today with both the rubber stamps that I removed from their wooden blocks the other day, & some acrylic stamps too. I have taken pictures but haven't uploaded them yet so I will do that when I am done with the update & then post them to the Gallery.

Card Kits


Another of those card kits I designed from gorgeous cake pictures for you. Not sure if there are any more actual card kit formats on file but there are a few more sheets using the images.


Okay, I am off to upload the photo's of today's makes now, just remember that I am still practicing so don't expect perfection here!


Rita x

Tuesday 16th October


Managed somehow to keep myself awake until 10pm last night & then stuffed my ears with cotton wool, climbed into bed & fell asleep. That must be the best nights sleep I have had in a very long time, well before Kelly & David moved out anyhow. The cotton wool was horrid, but it served the purpose & I will use it again tonight & hopefully the ear plugs will arrive in the morning?


So I woke this morning in a lovely mood & decided I would take a trip out to Hobbycraft. It was bleak early on with rain & grey skies but by the time I had answered some emails, had my shower & finished up on my exercise bike it had perked up, so I decided to get the towels washed & hung out while the going was good, so pottered around until they went through the machine.


That done I booked a cab & headed out.



I think this image must have been printed onto a water colour paper as there is a lovely texture in the central background - the bit I didn't need to play around with - that I wish I knew how to replicate on the computer.


But I needed to cut away the background area to extend it, so that the image was central in order to frame it with the oval & then decoupage it from there, but it is a lovely image regardless of my tampering!


I planned on the usual slow browse throughout Hobbycraft before heading into Next to have my usual latte in Costa upstairs. 


Without thinking I gave the cab driver all my change as a tip before realising that I needed a £1 coin for the trolley, so had to go into the store & up to the checkout to get one. I like their trolleys as they are only small so easy to maneuver around the store & up & down in the lift.


So I spent a good hour & a half wandering around the store trying to find some of the things on my list, unfortunately they didn't have everything I wanted but that doesn't matter - that is what the internet is for!


Having checked out I headed for Costa only to find there was a big queue & all of the tables were full, first time I have ever seen it so busy? So I had a wander around the store for a while & then tried again but with the same result, so I called a cab & headed home.


Got in around 3.15pm & have been busy stashing my buys away. I bought loads more yarn so I can keep knitting my hand warmers in the evenings - now I have figured out that it is actually the leaf vac that triggers my dodgy elbow & not the knitting. I also bought some smooth white card that I can stamp onto, a little set of greeting stamps & some sequins to put inside shaker cards.


So I haven't had a chance to play with the stamps that I took off the wooden blocks yesterday as yet, but I have no plans for the rest of the week so plenty of time to play.


It is darkening over outside so I had better go rescue the towels off the line before I finish off here....... okay a ten minutes swish around in the drier & I can stash them in the linen cupboard.


I am done here. Catch you all tomorrow afternoon, hopefully with stuff to show you!


Rita x

Monday 15th October


Right now I am struggling to stay awake so thought I would get the update done & then have a little snooze before tea.


I managed about two & a half hours sleep in total overnight with the floor boards waking me three times, (that guy either sleep walks or has a weak bladder) the final time at around 3am left me so wound that I couldn't get back to sleep, so logged on to the tablet & ordered some ear plugs on the internet.


I have spent much of my time today removing rubber stamps from their wooden blocks after two friends got in touch over the weekend to tell me how to do it. Now rather than a cardboard box full of heavy wood mounted stamps gathering dust on the top shelf, I have two slim A4 box files containing laminated sheets of card with the unmounted stamps attached. So I am looking forward to trying those out on the stamping platform.

Diary Dates


This is a lovely santa image so I didn't want to distract from that so rather than the usual decoupage I created a design sheet. So you have one full image, an oval image, a triptych, a bunch of mirrored heart shaped images & a little 'I love santa' card - so that should keep you busy for a while!


Okay, I am off to curl up in my big armchair now for a while.


Catch up with you all again tomorrow - hopefully with some sample cards from the rubber stamps I removed from their blocks earlier!


Rita x

Sunday 14th October


I got the weekend housework finished early so have been busy working up some new stuff on the computer for the last couple of hours.



This week I published this stamping panel sheet, cut from the current paper collection, along with the newsletter this morning.



Some more stuff from the Vintage Office file for you this afternoon, though there isn't much left in there now.


Catch up with you all tomorrow as usual.


Rita x

Saturday 13th October


After the usual morning routines I spent the majority of my day at the work bench again.


It has been pretty miserable outside today, again just the fringes of the storm, so all of the washing went into the tumble drier ergo lots of ironing to do after tea.



I had a bit of a file mismatch just now as I had a different image to the PDF file ready to upload so I had to go back to check the newsletter from last Sunday & see which one I had previewed back then! 


Anyhow, I have had a lovely afternoon of crafting. I redid the masculine card I made yesterday as I decided that although I liked the format itself I didn't like the greeting, fortunately I had done two pieces of the background through the stencil yesterday to see which I liked best, so was able to put another slightly different version together quite easily.


I have been watching youtube videos while I exercise on a morning for the past couple of weeks & this moring saw a shaker card made using stacked die cut frames, so that was the next thing I tried out. I just used some shop bought background & images to see if I could make it work, & it turned out quite nice.


Finally I just got finished playing with the stamping platform again, this time to create a background, which happily turned out well too so I made that into a simple card, so three new cards in the Gallery if you are interested.


I am enjoying playing around with the stamp platform, it really has given me the confidence to actually use stamps, though unfortunately only the acrylic one's as the wood mounted versions are still in the box gathering dust, on the top shelf.


Okay, that is me done for another update. Catch up with you in the morning when I publish the newsletter to the site.


Rita x

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