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Friday 15th February


I happily had a 20 minute work out on the new exercise machine last night & there were no worrying noises to make me nervous, thanks to Michelle! 


This morning I was determined to find a way to make the fancy fold card of yesterday actually stand up, but when I tracked down the video while I was on the exercise bike, the lady never shows hers standing up.


Anyhow, I had a bit of a play & in the end decided to flip it upside down, as that made it more stable, & then added a plaque to the front to give it something to stand on, the finished result is in the Gallery, if you are interested.

Diary Dates


Another Easter design featuring a chick, simply because he/she is just so cute! Besides, now I have dumped all of the Valentine stuff off the diary dates page I need to add new stuff to build it up again a bit!


I had planned on going along for my blood test appointment early & have a wander around the nearby shops, but I lost track of time making Victoria, the nurse who does my bloodwork, some little gifts. 


I made her a shaker key ring last night & then two different memory wire bracelets today, as I wasn't sure which she would like best. She is a lovely girl, though I guess I should say lady now as she was a girl when I first met her & that was more than a decade ago. When I gave them to her this afternoon she mentioned that she still has a necklace & bracelet set that I made for her a very long time ago.


So after I came out of the clinic I wandered down to the little wool shop where I really love exploring, but rarely get there these days since I don't teach nearby any longer. The lady who runs it is really nice & we always have a long chat. I picked up some new yarns, as I am was pretty low having knit so many pairs of hand warmers through the winter evenings.


I got home just in time to boot up the computer to do this update.


Catch up with you again with tomorrows uploads.


Rita x

Thursday 14th February


I hope that your loved one has either already given you a wonderful Valentine treat, or he/she is planning on bringing one home for you after work, or take you out to dinner maybe?


Again I saw something on Youtube this morning that I wanted to figure out, but I had something else to get typed up first, which took me until the Asda delivery driver arrived shortly after noon.


So I stashed the shopping, had my ham salad for lunch & then got to work.



This is the sixth of the twelve of these little decoupages that I created for you, & I decided that the lady had a stone in her shoe, so that is what I called it.


I had the new fancy fold easily figured out & was busy decorating it when Michelle arrived with the trays of latte pods that she had kindly picked up for me at Cosco. (It was only after Michelle left that I realised the card wouldn't actually stand up, so I need to think about the angles .... but I posted it to the Gallery anyhow, because it turned out so pretty!)


I had mentioned the new exercise machine to Michelle when she phoned last night to say she would be dropping by today after work, & the fact that it makes noises that worried me so I am not really comfortable using it. 


Anyhow, before she had even began her cuppa she had the machine in the middle of the floor with the tool kit that came with it, as well as the two 'sort of mini weight shaped' things which came in the box & that I still hadn't figured out what they were for. Michelle knew right away what they were, replacement things for inside of the pedals! 


Within about twenty minutes she had replaced one of those on the machine, which turned out to be what was making the noises that worried me so much, & tightened up every nut she could find, then tested it out & told me it would be safe to use now! Bless her!


We had a bit of a catch up before she headed off to do the school run, & I had to have a little try & it is sooooo much better! I will have a proper mini session on it later.


Okay, I will catch you all with tomorrows uploads.


Rita x

Wednesday 13th February


Nothing new to post in the gallery today I am afraid, I did do a bit of crafting this morning but it was to figure out another fancy fold, & then I typed it up ready to upload to the site for you at some point.


I had anticipated being stuck home this afternoon for the annual service on the boiler, which was booked for anytime between noon & 5pm, but the engineer called me around 10 (ish) to ask if he could come do it this morning instead.


So it was all done by noon which left the afternoon free.

Diary Dates


A lovely set for you this afternoon that will work beautifully for loads of occasions including Easter & Mother's Day! The first sheet is the decoupage you see above, & the other sheet that I included in the download is a matching backing paper. 


Odd coincidence but when I went out back to the bin earlier I noticed that those wild daffodils, that simply appeared from nowhere a few years ago, have shot up so I expect that if the weather stays this mild I may have flowers in the coming days?


Anyhow, after a quick ham salad lunch - done away with the wrap of late & am simply having the ham salad instead - I booked a cab & headed along to the High Street for a couple of hours.


Again I didn't particularly need anything as I have my Asda grocery delivery booked for tomorrow lunchtime, but I had a wander & then my usual latte in Costa. I was good again & didn't order my absolute favourite Millionaires shortbread in the whole world!


I got home around 3.15pm & have been doing a spot of tidying in the drawer where I store all of my sequins & shaker mixes, so obviously now I need to get the vacuum out & do a quick clean up around the craft zone!


Catch up with you all again when I do the uploads tomorrow.


Rita x

Tuesday 12th February


I was been experimenting with the free design software this morning after my shower & exercise, just trying to figure out what features are included, but still ended up going back to the original - that constantly crashes & loses all of my work - because it is familiar. But I am determined to get to grips with one of the others, just a bit at a time.


Pretty much the same with the new exercise equipment, I think I have bought a knock off as it makes loads of strange noises which make me nervous, I don't want to dislocate a hip - or worse, but I am doing a little each day nonetheless.

More Card Folds


This is the fancy card fold that I figured out the other day & actually used the templates that I designed for you to create this card. But I thought I had better get it uploaded today with Vaelentines being on Thursday. Not that it is specific to that day alone, but just in case you were struggling for ideas for your loved one I thought it might help.


I did make two cards when I finally gave my eyes a rest from working on the computer, which I will upload to the Gallery as soon as I am done here.


I have the annual service check on the boiler tomorrow afternoon between noon & five, my Asda delivery booked for Thursday lunchtime, & an annual blood test booked for Friday afternoon. I will probably go along early for that & have a look around the nearby shops as my appointment isn't until 3.10pm.


Okay, I will go post those pictures to the gallery now & I will catch you all again with tomorrows uploads.


Rita x

Monday 11th February


I have spent the majority of my time today working at the computer, creating a paper collection to follow up from the fluffy cloud one I am planning on uploading next. 


But I got to thinking that perhaps it was time to change the format of the collections & go more toward smaller one's of maybe ten or twelve, rather than the usual twenty eight, though the one I have been working on is the usual full collection. Unlike todays upload however I will publish each sheet on a daily basis in the normal way.



I hadn't created a four design quad sheet in a while so put this one together for you sometime last week I think it was, there are twelve sheets in the download, each with the same four designs but each sheet is a different colour. The inset picture shows a miniature of one sheet & the background shows the colours I have chosen to use.


I did take a break mid afternoon & put a card together, which is now in the Gallery, if you want to see. I still have some old decoupage packs & papers hanging around so thought I could use something from there to make a shaker, & the card in the gallery is what came out of that thought process. 


I spent yesterday evening figuring out something I had seen on youtube earlier in the day, but I haven't actually done anything with the end result as yet, so I may take some time tomorrow to either type up project notes, or maybe a worksheet? 


Catch up with you again with tomorrow's uploads.


Rita x

Sunday 10th February


The new exercise machine is quite noisy in comparison to my exercise bike, but I guess it will settled down with use? 



Above is the bonus sheet that I published alongside the newsletter this morning, it was the final sheet of those cat lover deigns I did for you.



I have tried decoupaging this image in the past but the tones blurred together too much to have any success, but now I have the HD monitor I had another try...... It is really nice artwork & could be used as the focal point for so many occasions, including anniversary & Valentine's Day.


Anyhow, after my shower & hour on the exercise bike this morning I got the bedroom cleaned & the bedding in the machine, then settled down & got some work done on the computer for a couple of hours.


Finally I had another little craft session before I logged on to do the update, so there are two new cards in the Gallery, both layered die cut designs. I made the floral panel one last night & really liked how that turned out & the butterfly one was from this afternoon, but I am still deciding about that one as I didn't realise those were holly leaves on the ribbon until I was all done!


Catch you all with tomorrows uploads.


Rita x

Saturday 9th February


While I was exercising this morning I watched a video on a really cute fancy fold card so as soon as I was done I sat down to figure it out.


I made a rudimentary one, which took a while, & then I realised that it would be so much easier to make with templates, so I spent the next couple of hours working those up & refining them until they were perfect.


As you know it is usually the templates I use to construct the example but today I didn't, I actually cut them out & used them to create the pieces I needed to make up the card - so there are two pictures of that in the Gallery, one closed & one opened up, if you are interested.


I also made a couple of cards last night, which I also posted to the gallery at the same time. I am planning on uploading the templates I designed today at some point next week for you to try out.



I thought this was the final one in this little set of oval decoupages that I have uploaded for you today, but I just checked & there is one more on file so I will upload that for you in the coming week.


After I was done with the templates I got started on the weekend housework & managed to get quite a bit done considering it was around 2pm before I got around to it!


I have to admit that I am finding it much easier to split the housework over two days rather than doing it all in one, it also means I have time to craft both days too, which is always a bonus!


I ordered a new piece of exercise equipment in the week & that just arrived about an hour ago, so I will be unpacking & putting that together this evening.


Since I stopped going to the gym my upper body has no strength, so hopefully this new kit will rectify that. The only problem I have is where I am going to house it once I do put it all together!


Anyhow, off to make tea now & then I will get to work putting that together.


Catch up with you all in the morning when I publish the newsletter to the site.


Rita x

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