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Friday 16th March - 4.10pm


Been raining pretty much all day again today, but judging by the forecast we may get off with sleet overnight tonight, light snow showers tomorrow but heavier snow early Sunday morning.


I am out with my sister tomorrow if there isn't to much snow around, otherwise we may have to put that off until the snow has gone again?


I had a really rubbish night last night & was still clock watching at gone 4.30am, so when the alarm went off at seven I switched it off & climbed back into bed for another hour! Just one of those nights where I simply couldn't fall asleep?

Boxes etc.


The templates for a wider version of the box templates I uploaded last week - so you can get more in! Back to two versions of the template here with a UK & US format.


I spent a couple of hours working on Easter stuff when I got up around 8am, so I have something on file ready to upload for you in the coming couple of weeks.


So I didn't head into the shower until gone 11am today, so half the day gone with very little to show for it. After I did my exercise I had my ham salad wrap for lunch while I caught up on the news.


But I have been sluggish all afternoon due to the lack of sleep last night so ended up curled up on the bed with blankie watching TV! So pretty much a whole day down the tubes with only a couple of Easter designs to show for it. But I will be hitting the sack early tonight in the hope of catch up on lost sleep.


So that was pretty much my day!


Rita x

Thursday 15th March - 4.15pm


I did a little bit of work this morning before I had my shower & did my exercise, but just basically prep work taking backgrounds away from floral images so I can use them in any way I want in future. That is the hard part, particularly on the eyes with all of the close up work.


Then I got on with my usual routine before getting everything I needed ready; shopping list, stuff to post, box on wheels etc. & then booked a cab.

Card Kits


The third of this particular subset of card kits for the box project, as with all twelve of this design it comes with its own backing paper - to use to make the envelope, or decorate it; or maybe to cover some of the divider cards or even the box itself?


I had the cab driver stop at a post box so I could drop the mail inside on the way to Dunelm. I didn't really need anything there but had a leisurely browse before having my usual latte in their cafe. 


One of my ladies is struggling to use whichever glue I supply her, she doesn't craft at home only when she comes here so I supply her tools, the other ladies bring their own. So I have tried loads of different ones & am always on the look out for anything I thing will suit her better.


The problem is she leaves the glue upright & it dries in the tip all of the time, but I spotted one in Dunelm today which actually stands on its cap & the other end has a hook, so she can only stand it one way - which should help. When it runs out I will just refill it with my Anita's Tacky glue, but we will see how she gets on with it on Tuesday.


I went to B&M after I paid for the glue looking for a couple of things, my 90 calorie bars & 10 calorie jellies, they had the bars but unfortunately not the jellies this time. The bars are only £1.49 there & £2.89 from Asda, the jellies (when they have them) are 50p & 75p at Asda. So I stocked up on the bars & picked up a pack of gold foil card too.


By the time I came out of there is was raining heavily so I got soggy hanging around waiting for the cab to come fetch me & bring me home. But he was a really nice driver & took my box on wheels out of the boot & carried it to the front door, without me even asking!


So that was my day.


Rita x

Wednesday 14th March - 4pm


No great surprises from the government today in expelling 23 Russian diplomats after the events of the past 10 days or so. Obviously Russia will do exactly the same & throw out at least 23 of our diplomats - so not sure what exactly will be achieved?


But I guess the government must be pretty sure who was behind the events in Salisbury last Sunday or they wouldn't be taking such a public stand?  But then I don't think the Cold War ever really went away, it just went underground & is now resurfacing.


Anyhow I did spend much of the morning working, but I quit at lunchtime as my eyes were getting sore again. Spending way too many unbroken hours staring at the monitor this week!



The second of this collection of thirty or so sheets of decoupage toppers for you today. I have had all of the source images on file for as long as I have had all of those other vintage fashion images, I just never got around to using them. So some new & fresh stuff for you to collect & play around with.


I have been trying to get my head around a project for the ladies next week since the weekend but haven't managed to come up with anything suitable as yet.


I did however make two cards this afternoon, one using the new Die'sire dies again & the other just picking out various die cuts from the scrap box. I have uploaded both to the Gallery if you are interested, though the second one didn't photograph very well, so apologies in advance!


In the end I decided that there must be something amongst my 'makes' in the big drawer under the bed that I could type up & use as a project, so managed to find one & have begun typing up the notes.


Happily the embossing mat replacement (or the original, who knows?) appeared this morning, so I am a happy bunny & will give the supplier 5 stars for their quick response. 


Apparently there may be snow on the cards again in the coming days so I need to nip out for a couple of hours tomorrow before that arrives. I just have a few bits & bobs that I need to pick up & a letter to post, as Postie Bob is off this week.


Okay, enough staring at the monitor for another day I think! Catch up with you all again tomorrow afternoon.


Rita x

Tuesday 13th March - 3.45pm


If anything I have spent even more time working on the computer today that yesterday, but at least my eyes are not hurting from the effort this afternoon!


I took the concept of making an envelope, from backing paper, to accompany a card kit one step further today & created intricate decoupage toppers, with a full on floral background as well as the envelope.


It has taken me just about all day to do a further two of the card kits with envelopes that I created yesterday - making a set of six in all - & four sets of decoupage & paper, with an envelope for each.

Boxes etc.


The second C6 envelope template of the week, though this one is specifically designed with a deep flap so you can make it up from regular or coloured paper & then emboss the flap. So you can use these with your Year in Cards project, or on their own if you don't have an envelope suitable for embossing.


I did spend fifteen minutes placing a grocery order with Asda for delivery tomorrow lunchtime, as well as trying to track down a couple of dies that got lost on the way from China again! Though it is definitely the supplier this time as I placed an order for four & only two were in the package when it arrived last week, & now the delivery window has closed & the other two just never arrived.


But then I seem to be having a lot of problems with things from Ebay going astray in recent months, now there is also a rubber mat for the Gemini gone missing - so that is two suppliers I had to contact today! 


Happily the supplier for the rubber mat got straight back to me & said a whole bag of their packages had gone astray at Royal Mail & they would send out another, but nothing so far from the supplier in China.


Oh! I also began to use my membership for the little cinema along the coast today too, I have booked a seat to see 'The Shape of Water' next Thursday lunchtime, so looking forward to that. Wondered if my sister would like to go but she is busy on Thursdays with my nieces little one's & it is the only day it is showing in the afternoon - don't fancy cabbing over there & back again in the dark.


Okay, I am off to get tea sorted. Catch you all again tomorrow afternoon.


Rita x

Monday 12th March - 4pm


I was tidying up the website first thing & ended with clearing the Mother's Day sheets off the Diary Dates page, but as you know I hate to leave a page empty so spent some time creating an Easter design to add to the page. 

Diary Dates

I was really happy with how this idea panned out so thought I wouldn't bother filing it & uploaded it straight to the Diary Dates page instead.

Card Kits


Think this is the second of the red subset from the alternative twelve card kit collection, for your year in cards project box. Now you have the envelope template you can use that to make matching envelopes from the backing papers too, if that is what you plan to do?


I have been on the computer working all day so my eyes are really gritty now, so a short update today. I wanted to play with the idea I had last week of actually creating envelopes to match card kits, in such a way that you wouldn't need any templates to create them & I have done it!


So there are four new card kits, using the paper collection I have yet to upload, all with matching envelopes that you just need to cut out, fold & stick. But I will finish uploading the current card kits first before beginning to upload the new one's, so you have a few weeks to wait for those.


Okay, time to give my eyes a rest. Catch you all tomorrow afternoon.


Rita x

Sunday 11th March - Mother's Day - 4.20pm


Been a lovely spring day here following the rain & mist of yesterday so I have been digging out stuff to wash so I could hang it outdoors to dry, but it is clouding over now so I really should go get it all in before I do this update, but I might nip out half way through.


Apart from that all of the weekend housework is done & just have to finish off the stuff from outside in the tumble later.



A pretty little layered & shaped topper that I published along with the newsletter as the bonus sheet this morning for you. But it has six layers so unless you are planning on hand delivering the finished card you may want to split it over two projects, to save on postage.

Boxes etc.


Unlike the majority of my templates this only has the UK printer version as it was designed specifically for a standard size A6 card which is widely used here. Though I came up with it especially to use with the backing papers that come along with your second collection of card kits for the 'year in cards' box.


I also produced another A6 envelope template with a deeper flap so rather than having envelopes to match each of the twelve cards made from their accompanying papers, you could use plain or coloured paper with that template in order to emboss the flaps, as I did in the original project. I plan on uploaded that template at some point this week too.


Okay, I am off to get the washing in off the lines now & then make something nice for tea. Catch up with you all tomorrow afternoon.


Rita x

Saturday 10th March - 4.15pm


Happily the drain cleaner yesterday seems to have done the trick & that intense glue smell in the kitchen has completely gone?


I had an early night last night & went to bed at nine & was asleep by half past! But still when the alarm went off at seven this morning I got up & switched it off & climbed back into bed & went back to sleep until around twenty past eight. I so rarely go back to sleep once the alarm goes off but I guess I just must have needed a little extra.


So I was running late before I even began but managed to wrap up the early morning computer stuff quickly so was in the shower by nine thirty, followed by the usual hour on the exercise bike. 



I have been working with a bunch of images I haven't used previously & got a bit carried away! The first thing I did was to digitally remove the image from the background so I could choose a background that would work for the idea, then I added a layer of contrast behind that.


Doing it that way makes it much easier to create a decoupage design & so that was what I did before mirror imaging the set to give you more scope for your fancy fold cards & stuff.


When I say I got carried away....well there are about thirty of these sets now on file, all using a different image but the same format, so I hope you like them!


I have spent the rest of my day happily playing with the new Die'sire dies that arrived on Monday, so there are three more cards in the Gallery for you to see if you are interested. They are different to the normal tone on tone 3D designs that I favour, though one does have a couple of the 3D flowers on.


Was raining first thing but as the day has progressed the rain has become intermittent & instead a shroud of fog descended, but I just had a quick look out of the window & it is back to rain again.


Okay, I will catch you all again in the morning when I publish the newsletter to the site, previewing what I am planning to upload in the coming seven days.


Rita x

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