Daily Updates

Sunday 10th December - 4pm


I love Sunday updates as I don't have to think of stuff to write in them - as usual I have spent the whole day doing housework!



The penultimate design from the Wildflower Children as the bonus sheet this morning, which I uploaded along with the weekly newsletter.

Card Folds 2


An interesting card folding template now, above you see two ways of arranging the folds, but you can also flip image one around to give you a new aspect & you could probably do the same with image two as well, so at least four shapes from one template!


Widespread snow further south today but nothing here apart from frost happily, but it must be bitterly cold out as it hasn't melted at all - even though we have had some sunshine today.


Okay, washing machine just finished the last load - cleaning cloths - so I am off to toss them into the drier.


Catch you all again tomorrow afternoon.


Rita x


Oops! Spoke too soon, just went to close the blinds to discover it is snowing outside now!!!!!

Saturday 9th December - 4pm


I had a good read last night as there is tons of information in both books that arrived yesterday, now I just need to buy some tools & stuff before I can really make a start on a shoulder bag.


I stayed on the computer for an extra hour this morning getting some work done & logged off just after 9am & headed for the shower & then my hour on the exercise bike. While I was exercising I browsed the web for the stuff I will need to try out bag making & happily, with the stuff I already have, it won't be that expensive - though I didn't buy anything today.

Diary Dates


Just a sheet full of Santa for you this afternoon, there is a layered topper on there, as well as some mini images.


Postie Bob knocked just after lunch with a parcel for one of the neighbours - the same neighbour who kindly sent my cards off for me in the week, but nothing for me & still no sign of that errant package from China. I have decided to wait until the post has been on Monday & if it still isn't here I will contact the seller for a refund - that will make it a week overdue.


There is another one on the way from China that I really REALLY want, so I hope that one doesn't get lost along the way. The end of that delivery window isn't until just before Christmas, so keeping my fingers crossed.


I got out the sewing machine after I was done exercising & had a go at a simple mini shopper with pockets, but then I spoiled it trying to add a zip after it was all put together - so started again. I am only using my stash of fat quarters so not too worried about wasting a few of those - besides I have to practice on something don't I?


The second time I kept it simple & just made a reversible tote, no zips or pockets involved! I am fairly happy with how it turned out so I have uploaded the pictures below for you to see. Rolls up & fits nicely into my handbag so that is where it will live for now.


I was just putting away the sewing machine, ironing board etc (long before I got tempted to iron that bedding that has been hanging around since I took it off the bed & washed it last Sunday) when Margaret came to collect her package. Didn't bother vacuuming as I will do all of that tomorrow when I do the full housework.


Catch you all in the morning when I publish the newsletter to site.


Rita x


Friday 8th December - 3.50pm


Haven't really settled to any one thing today, but have kept myself busy anyhow.


This morning, after the usual site checks, I caught up with some webmail & emails in my personal account before I headed into the shower & did my exercise. I was just finishing off on the exercise bike when Postie Bob came by with the books I had ordered from Amazon the other evening - that weren't due until Monday - but still no sign of the missing package from China?



Another set from the quartet papers for you this afternoon, this is a very girly pink set. So four full size backing papers in different designs, all in the same colour & in one downloadable file.


I didn't even open up the package with the books inside until I typed up the project for the ladies, I wasn't going to bother but I know they like to collect them all, & it also means I can upload the project for you to try - apart from  the one Fizzy Moon image anyhow.

This is what I finally came up with, but the ladies will do theirs slightly differently as I have produced two backing papers & a background panel to go with each of the six images, so they can choose which combination they want to use.


I will upload the twelve set of papers, the calendar tabs & the project notes for you, you are on your own for the images though. Fizzy Moon is copyrighted so I can't upload those for you - sorry!


I printed everything out once I finished the project notes & put them all in a polly pocket which I use for each project I design, so I am all set for Tuesday & no die cutting involved this time.


I was restless once I had finished putting all of that together, so I opened up the package with the books inside & had a very quick browse.


But then the sun caught the bedroom windows & I saw all of the runs that somehow always happen on the inside when the window cleaners have been, so I set to work. I cleaned all of the windows, the four floor to ceiling mirrored robe doors, & the bathroom floor to ceiling fully tiled walls, the glass topped dining table & anything else that caught my eye!


Finally at around 3pm I made a hot cuppa, sat down & opened one of the books & began to read. I think I chose well as far as information is concerned & there are a couple of nice bag designs I might have a go at, happily both books come with accompanying patterns for the bags. Though having never used a pattern in my life I am going to have to learn how to read one if I intend making one (or more) of the bags.


Catch you all tomorrow afternoon.


Rita x

Thursday 7th December - 4pm


I often buy myself a Christmas gift, but I like to 'think outside of the box' & get something I wouldn't normally think of buying.


I think I have mentioned that I want to have a go at bag making, had a go a few months ago & it turned out quite nice but very amateurish, though having never made one before I was still quite pleased with it.


So last night I was web browsing when an idea suddenly stuck me, so I went over to Amazon & checked out what basic bag making books they had & ordered two - I trust them to deliver books as that is where I generally bought all of my books from, though I haven't purchased any in a long time. They will be here Monday or Tuesday.


Now I just have to decide whether the books are my Christmas gift, or if I can make a bag up & have that instead......?



Not a template with this one but project notes. I made this a few weeks ago now & was instantly struck how the dimensions reminded me of the computers CPU (tower unit), so it might be fun to decorate one in that way for a computer enthusiast?


Anyhow, the two pictures above show the box closed & slid open, but the inner also actually drops forward if you wanted to use it as a dispenser? 


It is well windy outside today so when Margaret (upstairs next door) phoned to ask if I could take in a package for her while she nipped along to the High Street I traded the favour, she kindly took my cards for abroad with her & sent them off from the post office for me, & picked me up a book of stamps at the same time. 


Postie Bob knocked with that little tool I ordered, so I have tried that out & it will make the project I have planned to do with the ladies on Tuesday so much easier. It is just a single hole punch but no pressure or hammer is required, it has a twist in the stem so you simply press it down & it cuts the hole - easily. I have actually had one on my wish list for a long, long while but never got around to buying one.


The errant package from China still hasn't turned up? Just keeping my fingers crossed that the one containing six dies/sets, that is due on or before 21st December, arrives okay!


So that is it from me for another day.


Rita x

Wednesday 6th December - 3.50pm


Got an email from Royal Mail this morning to say they would be delivering the parcel that was meant to be here yesterday today.......but I am still waiting! Needless to say it is Postie Bob's day off or he would have dropped it in for me.


Happily he has the keys to the outside cupboard & having been trapped at home for two days waiting for this parcel I am not about to make it three so I am off out to the post office tomorrow to get these Christmas cards posted off, & he will lock it in the cupboard if I am out.


Still no sign of the one from China, two days over the estimated delivery window now........?



Coming to the end of these Vintage Teddy sheets now, only one more in this format & a backing paper & then I can close the file.


I have had another productive day however, though without the involvement of the sewing machine today. I haven't uploaded any design sets in ages so spent the morning creating two new one's, I am not planning on making up the samples as you know I only design them for you & they are just not my thing, so when I have made them up in the past I have recycled them as soon as I have taken the photo.


Locum postie just brought my parcel - said they couldn't get it all in the van today so have had to make several trips - Christmas! So only the errant one from China, one that could arrive anytime before the 21st & a little tool I ordered yesterday to help the ladies make up the project next week, which is meant to arrive Thursday or Friday.


Anyhow, I have had the project idea sitting on the shelf since late last week, but this afternoon I completely rehashed it & then spent a couple of hours creating all of the elements the ladies will need.


I used Fizzy Moon again as the ladies like him so much, but he is only a tiny part of the whole, & I am no longer planning on typing up the project notes as they won't need those, there isn't even any die cutting to do, so it will be a lovely laid back final session of 2017.


Then I returned to a pretty calendar I have been working on for you & actually got that finished off too, so I have had another really productive day! I am only happy if I have something to show for my day so I am doing pretty well with the various projects, mainly sewing admittedly with the old mojo out of action, that have been filling my time of late.


Catch up with you all again tomorrow.


Rita x

Tuesday 5th December - 4.15pm


I didn't end up going out today after all, I was waiting for a package from Ebay - (two actually but more on that in  a minute) - the one I was expecting hasn't arrived but one I wasn't expecting until later in the week did!


The other is a cup hook holder from China & the delivery window ended today, but that hasn't arrived either - though with the recent spate of missing parcels on Postie Bob's days off that could be through anyone's letter box/in a garden never to be seen again!


So I am stuck in again tomorrow until the parcel I was expecting does arrive, I really need to get out to the post office this week & get these Christmas cards sent off.

Diary Dates


Okay this is a full calendar for 2018, I built it from scratch by creating the grid & filling in all of the dates & months, resizing them & finally adding an image to each page. So they are big files - both the UK & US versions - so you may like to print it directly from the site rather than downloading it?


But I didn't waste my day, I got the final muslin panel done for the bedroom window & got the project put together for the ladies session next week & just need to type up the project notes - probably tomorrow while I wait for the errant parcel arriving!


I really love the bedroom window now it is properly balanced with two panels on either side. Sadly I can't say the same for the project but with the old mojo in total hibernation it will have to do, it is alright & I am pretty sure the ladies will like it, but not my usual style at all!


My sister picked up the covers I made yesterday & took them home to put on the kids chairs - picture below after the kids tried them out. I think they probably need a 'skirt' on the bottom as they look too short to me, but have suggested that my nephews partner sew a piece of elastic diagonally across the bottom corners to hold them down?


Okay, that is it from me for another productive - ergo happy - day!


Rita x

Monday 4th December - 3.55pm


After the usual early morning routines I got straight to work on the sewing project my sister brought around on Saturday. She had asked me to recover some seat pads & pillows for chairs for the kids, & had brought the fabric with her.


I wanted to find a way so that the seat pads supported themselves on the chairs as they cover the whole of the chair - think deck chairs & you would be pretty close - & have been thinking about it since Saturday. Finally I had an idea that I thought would work really well so went for it.


First I had to get the housewife pillow case style cover straight in my head - I have a mental block on those & always get it wrong way around & have to unpick the stitching every time & today was no exception - with both covers!

Card Kits


Another sheet from the rose files for you today, this one in card kit format but nothing to stop you from using it as a layered topper?


I had just finished the first cover when my Asda shopping arrived about 1.30pm, so after I got that stored away I had some cheese & crackers for lunch & got back to work.


I got the second cover done & then had to do the housewife pillow case style to do twice more for the little pillows, but happily got these to work the right way first time,  both times!


Then I attached those to the top of the chair pad covers & was thrilled when my lovely sewing machine sewed through all of those layers without great difficulty, I was imagining having to hand sew those together! By the time I put the sewing machine away & had a quick vacuum etc. it was gone 3.30pm when I texted my sister to say they were ready.


I didn't manage to get the extra panel of muslin sewed for the bedroom window today, probably won't be tomorrow either as my sister, nephews partner & great niece are coming by to pick up the covers & we are going out for coffee early afternoon. I prefer to do my sewing in natural daylight, so will likely be Wednesday when that gets done.


But I have had a lovely productive day so I am a very happy bunny!


Catch you all again tomorrow.


Rita x

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