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Wednesday 15th August - 4.20pm


After washing up the tea dishes last night I fell asleep in my big armchair again & didn't rouse myself until gone 10pm, then I simply rinsed out my mouth as instructed by the dentist, went to bed & slept through until this morning. Must have bean the anaesthetic knocking me out I guess, as I wasn't in any discomfort from the tooth extraction.


I had to forego my hour on the exercise bike this morning too as the after care sheet the dentist gave me said no exercise for between 24 & 48 hours - no idea why that should be but I skipped it anyhow just for a change!


So I stayed at the computer until 10am, catching up with emails before heading in the shower & very gently cleaning my teeth afterward.



I was messing about creating other foiling experiments the other day & created these three background sheets, which I thought you might like? 


I didn't get the ironing done last night so got that sorted before lunch, I am good at getting it done simply because it hangs from one of those over the door hooks in the lounge until I actually do it, which drives me nuts!


I made up another couple of cards from my foil samples & also made a new one for Michelle, which I like much better & although I don't plan on showing you the latter, there are now eight new images in the Gallery that you can browse if you so wish.


Around 2pm I went back to the big armchair & curled up for another afternoon nap for about 90 minutes & then woke up & went out to water the garden as it didn't get done yesterday. It looks like it may rain later but some of the herb plants were drooping, so I gave them a nice drink anyhow!


Might head out somewhere tomorrow?


Rita x

Tuesday 14th August - 4.25pm


I took a chance on the weather today & put a load of washing in the machine before I went to be last night &, encouraged by the breezy dry weather first thing, I had two more loads done & hung before I left for the dentist.


I had to put the two batches of Millionaires shortbread into the fridge last night before I went to bed too as the Galaxy still hadn't set & I had done it at tea time - maybe I need to use a bit less in future as I use one of those huge bars for each batch? I prefer not to chill it but I didn't want to leave it sitting out on the bench all night either.


When I began packaging it this morning I decided that a whole batch was too much for taking to the dentist so put the extra into the two boxes for Postie Bob, & locked them in the outdoor cupboard just before I left, where he could retrieve them.

Diary Dates


With this decoupage image being square I had space left on the bottom of the sheet so had a bit of fun with some greetings you may, or may not, want to use.


I gave the box of shortbread to Debbie on reception on my way in & asked if she could try it while I was in with the dentist, I wasn't convinced about the recipe change on the shortbread.


I am still not warming to my current dentist, but have to admit she is pretty good at her profession, I barely felt the needles or the tooth coming out.


When I came back out Debbie, & several others, had tried the shortbread & she has decided that it is definitely her new favourite - rather than carrot cake! The others who had tried it had agreed so that makes Christmas gifting easy, I will just make three batches of Millionaires shortbread, one for the dentists, one for Postie Bob & one for the sorting office.


I played around in the craft zone when I got back as I was desperate for a cuppa but the dentist had told me no hot drinks for the afternoon. I wrote a couple of emails first of all & then began using my foiling experiments to make up some cards.


But then the numbness wore off around 3pm so I curled up in my big armchair & had a little sleep. I woke just in time to rescue the washing off the lines from a shower, so I will get the ironing done tonight or in the morning.


I will photograph todays makes in the morning & post them to the gallery tomorrow.


Rita x

Monday 13th August - 4.30pm


Checked the BBC weather app on my phone first thing to see if it was worth doing any washing & it said it would be raining all day, so I threw a load of leggings in the machine & then dried those in the tumble, & left the bedding for another day. 


But as you can probably guess, it stopped raining around 8am & although it has been overcast all day there has been no more rain, so I could have got the bedding dried outside! Really need to bin the app off my phone as it is completely rubbish!


Anyhow, I have had a really productive day.........



I have been paying attention so have noticed how popular this style of decoupage appears to be, so I now have a few more on file for you - as of this morning!


There was a bit of space left on the sheet with this one so I added a couple of little mirror imaged toppers for you to use on the insert/back of the card/the envelope if you wish.


After I was done working up the new sheets I headed for the kitchen to get the shortbread part of the Millionaires shortbread made & in the oven. It was around lunchtime then so I switched on the news & caught up while I ate my lunch.


Then I prepared the caramel & let that cool off while I prepared another batch of Christmas designs & printed those off. Then I spread the caramel over the two shortbread bases - I did use a different recipe for the shortbread today & will find out how that goes via Postie Bob on Thursday (if I am at the dentist when he come by tomorrow) as he is off Wednesday.


I put together four more Christmas cards & then melted to two huge bars of Galaxy & poured them over top of the shortbread & caramel bases. I enjoy baking & would do it more often if it wasn't for the constant washing up after each stage, & the kitchen is way too small to accommodate even a small dishwasher. But they are done & just need to be cut up & packaged.


My dental appointment is just after 11am in the morning, not sure how much discomfort I will be in from the tooth extraction so we will see how that goes when I get back home.


Catch up with you all again around the same time tomorrow.


Rita x

Sunday 12th August - 4.35pm


Got all of the housework done apart from washing, it has rained pretty much all day & as it is really only the bedding & cleaning cloths I decided that they can wait until we get a fine day in the week.



Above is the sheet that I used as the bonus sheet & published alongside the newsletter this morning. An interesting one as they are a bit of an optical illusion as the white panel is actually on top of the two gold one's, but it looks like it is the other way around, doesn't it?



A sweet little decoupage topper featuring an old typewriter, so a nice easy one for you to cut out. Then I created a backing paper that will not only accompany this sheet but the some others that I created & dropped into a file that I dubbed 'vintage office'. There are other backgrounds along with the design sheets for you to collect in the coming weeks.


Okay, I am off to plan tea now & I will catch up with you again tomorrow afternoon.


Oh! I almost forgot, I was having a bit of a file clear out this morning & although I did bin a whole bunch of stuff I also put the brakes on my enthusiasm for the task at hand & actually uploaded a handful of sheets to the Kids page & also to the Diary Dates page too, if they are any use to you?


Rita x

Saturday 11th August - 4.20pm


A quick update this afternoon as I have been working on the computer for much of the day.


I remembered to check with Postie Bob which day he is off next week so I can plan the Millionaires shortbread around him. I have added any ingredients that I don't have to the Asda grocery delivery for tomorrow, but as I bought the two huge bars of Galaxy when I was out the other day in B&M, I only need the condensed milk & all of the butter - each batch takes more than one pack & I am making two batches.


We worked out between us that although he isn't off until Wednesday, I will likely be at the dentist having my tooth out when he comes by on Tuesday so I will lock it in the outdoor cupboard for him to collect.


Well I can't make the stuff without making some for him, after all he did play a huge role in helping me perfect the recipe thus far - though I am going to try a different recipe for the shortbread this time as I think the current one lets the whole thing down, I will let you know how that goes. He always takes most of it back to the sorting office anyhow, & as he is a runner he easily gets rid of all of those calories!

Boxes etc.


Another pretty little gift box template for you today, & I even remembered to keep the picture that inspired the template, so you can see what it is meant to look like finished!


Those curved angles were a nightmare to produce on the template, my computer doesn't like doing curves, colour & perforations all in the same line apparently, but I got there in the end!


I also managed to get a birthday card designed, printed off & made up for Michelle's birthday later in the month, but as she often checks the website to see what I have been up to I won't load it onto the gallery & spoil the surprise.


So there is a new little folder of stuff that I designed for you today in the files now, which I will probably upload sooner rather than later as it is all summer themed - four papers & two design sheets.


Okay, time to log off the computer for today I think! Catch up with you all again in the morning when I publish the newsletter to the site.


Rita x

Friday 10th August - 4.35pm


You are not going to believe this but I have spent much of the day working on my first batch of Christmas cards! I know, I am usually Bah Humbug until late November!


After the usual early morning routines I came back to the computer with an idea & worked on that for a couple of hours - through lunch - & then printed off everything I had worked up & began assembling the cards. I actually really like them too, so I won't be binning these one's when I start writing them all out later in the year!


Sorry no previews as some of them may well be winging their way out to a few of my friends who follow the site, later in the year, so I don't want to spoil the surprise!

Diary Dates


Speaking of Christmas......this is one of the images I sourced from somewhere earlier in the year & dropped into a file & promptly forgot about! Happily I came across the file again the other week so had a play with a couple of the images I had saved there.


Obviously with copyright etc. they are all vintage images, but at least I haven't used them before so they are new to me, & to this website!


Okay, I have a whole big mess all aound me from my Christmas card makes, so I am going to sign off & get that cleared up - before I even think about what to make for tea!


Catch you all again tomorrow.


Rita x

Thursday 9th August - 5pm


Sorry I am running a bit late.........


Got off the computer this morning before 8am & was showered, dressed & exercised by 10, so I made a little list, booked a cab & headed along to the High Street soon after.


Again, it was my midweek supply of fresh fruit that I was mainly going for, I like the little green grocers near the cab office. But I had a wander around B&M & then had my usual latte, in the cafe I tend to frequent, before heading to the Co-Op for a couple of bits, then over to the green grocers, across to the cab office & home.


I got back about 12.30, had a chat with Naomi & the boys (& the dog) over the fence out front for a couple of minutes & then came indoors to unpack the shopping & have lunch.



I have definitely used this image before, but no chance that I will remember what exactly I did with it way back then, so fingers crossed I didn't create a decouage!


I did a bit of housework after lunch & then made up a little foil sign with James's name on, as I could still hear him playing in the garden out front. It did occur to me to ask him if he wanted to help but ended up making it on my own anyhow, I did one for his baby brother Ryan too.


I took them out to him & he was really pleased with it & asked if he could come around to make one himself with all of the family names on, including Suki the dog & Fish the fish - knew I should have got him around to help! 


So we have been crafting together since then, & I finally persuaded him that it was time I took him home just before 5, after promising he could come back anytime, though when he suggested straight after tea I had more persuading to do to get him to agree to come another day instead!


Ergo the reason this update is later than usual!


So now I am off to get the couple of bits in off the line - never did get around to the ironing last night somehow - so after tea I will get it done in one go.


Catch up with you tomorrow.


Rita x

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