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Thursday 24th May - 4.20pm


I spoke with the bin guys at 7am this moring regarding the old ironing board & rotating washing line, but they wouldn't take them in case they 'caught on the bar' in their big crunching machine on the back of the lorry, but they suggested leaving them on the street & the scrap man might pick them up - if he goes past in his lorry.


I seriously doubt it but I put them on the street out back anyhow, & if they are still there in a day or two I will bring them back in & sweetheart someone into taking them to the recycle place for me.



The next in the series of decoupage Alpine flowers for you today, but this is a nice easy one for you to cut out.


Rita x

Wednesday 23rd May - 4pm


Discovered when I answered the door to Postievan man Nick this morning that I have almost completely lost my voice!



One sheet of mirrored toppers & a sheet of background paper for the men's page today.


Rita x

Tuesday 22nd May - 4.15pm


My sister phoned for a catch up last night & as we were chatting my voice started to go, otherwise I felt fine? But I woke this morning with a sore throat so have been on the Strepsils all day. 


First thing I noticed when I did wake this morning was the change in the weather, it had been raining & it was very blustery, so it was no surprise to find that the hammock had blown over in the night, or that it had broken the canopy rail apart when I fixed it a few weeks ago.


The second thing I noticed was that I was pretty lethargic, so I played around with a template idea for a couple of hours, hence when my sister texted at 10am asking if I wanted to meet up for coffee this morning, I still had my PJ's on!


I quickly booked a cab & then headed for the shower. My hair was having a bad day, or maybe because I wasn't 100pc maybe it was me having a bad day, either way I ended up simply tying it up in a pony tail - after several rushed attempts at the usual plait failed miserably!


My sister was there at Dunelm when I arrived, & we headed straight to the cafe for a latte.


When I saw her last week I had mentioned that I was thinking of replacing the very heavy & dark lounge curtains for some muslin one's, like the one's I made for the bedroom, though with eyelets rather than tabs & in cream as opposed to white. I hadn't done anything up to now as I am convinced the current one's are riddled with spiders, but my sister kindly offered to help me take them down if I really wanted a change.


So I bought some lovely cream muslin in Dunelm & when I have the new curtains ready my sister will come by & help me swap them over.



I am pretty bored with these topper sheets right now so thought I would give us both a break & shelve the remainder until later in the year.

Paper Collection


I mentioned the other day that I had spent several hours trying to condense the size of the paper collection files - both the image which only affects the website & the PDF downloadable files as they have got into MB's of late as opposed to KB's - in other words they take up a whole lot more room on your computer.


But I am not sure how it will affect the quality of the printed sheet, so try out this first one & let me know what you think? Don't worry if it doesn't work as I have kept the originals just in case.


So after we were done in Dunelm we wandered across to B&M & had a roam around in there as I needed my 90 cal bars & some latte pods. Michelle rang a few weeks ago to ask if I needed any but I was off my latte completely at the time so didn't.


After we got back to the car we went up to the Range & had a wander in there & finally, on the way home, we stopped off in B&Q as I needed a new ironing board - think mine is around 20 years old, if not more & gives me backache whenever I use it as it is low & can't go any higher.


I ended up buying a new spinning washing line too, as mine has broken off at the bottom a couple of times through the years, in high winds & so now I have to hang longer things like bath sheets sideways! Been going to replace both for ages but with stuff for the house I like to actually see what I am buying rather than just an image online.


Got back about 2.45pm & unpacked the new stuff & took the old stuff out to the bin, in the hope the bin men will accept them on Thursday? If not I will have to sweetheart someone into nipping along to the recycle place with them for me.


So I have had a lovely day out with my sister as always, I do really enjoy our one to one time together.


Okay, I will catch up with you all again tomorrow afternoon. Let me know what you think of the quality of the first sheet of the new paper collection please.


Rita x

Monday 21st May - 4.30pm


Apart from a bit of ironing I have either been pottering around in the garden or on the computer all day today, so a nice short update this afternoon.

Card Kits


The fourth in this set of six card kits with envelopes for you now,  I have another set scheduled for later in the week & then I will upload the final one next week.


The first poppies bloomed today which was what drew me out into the garden in the first place, I have several types out there & it was two different one's that emerged this morning.


Got my Asda delivery about an hour ago, so I might go out in the morning if it is still dry & warm?


Catch up with you all tomorrow afternoon.


Rita x

Sunday 20th May - 4pm


I have spent the vast majority of the day at the computer working, apart from finishing off the bits of the weekend housework I didn't get done yesterday.


One thing you will notice is the new format for the website - I was bored with the old one & it didn't look all that nice once I got the widescreen monitor anyhow. So this is much more vibrant, & as I have managed to change some of the colours particularly in the menu box - which was originally a horrid deep dirty pink - you can navigate your way around the site much more easily now too.


But mainly I have been working out how to reduce the size of the files, particularly those involving the paper collections, without losing the definition. That took three hours of playing around but I think I have it sorted, but you will have to let me know, as I plan on trying it out when I begin uploading the new paper collection later in the week.


I have gone back through both the images & the PDF files & condensed them, but kept the original set of papers just in case it doesn't work out.



The first of three sheets of stamping plaques that were cut from the new paper collection - these are the originals so they will be fine, I will remind you when I need you to let me know if the condesed files work out okay.

Design Sets


I don't think I have ever compiled one of the design sets just for the guys - but with my memory I can't be sure? Anyhow, either way it is time for a set with Father's Day only weeks away now.


So as usual with the design sets there are four images with four full sheets of backing papers that coordinate with them.


When I finally got condensing the size of the files sorted the computer decided to do another big update so I was shut out for about an hour, so that is when I went outside & watered the garden, hung out the bedding etc.


Since it let me back in I have been working up new designs with some idea's I had floating around in my head. Don't know if you will get to see all of them as I am thinking that a couple might just end up in the bin!


A productive day all told.


Rita x

Saturday 19th May - 4.20pm


I don't think I have been to Windsor before, but didn't it look beautiful in the sunshine on TV today? 


The wedding was lovely wasn't it? I think I spied Noel Fitzpatrick (the Supervet) in one of the shots as he entered the chapel too, he is definitely one of my hero's. Not sure about the American preacher, though I understand that was due to Meghan's background, but too intense for us Brits I think?


The little buckets arrived this morning & they are just adorable, smaller than I imagined but think they will still work to grow the herb seedings in - though they are so cute I may use them indoors instead?

Card Kits


This is the third one of six of these card kits with envelope sets I did for you, another sunny yellow - I am really into yellow right now, aren't I?


Anyhow, I pottered about & got most of the weekend housework done today, between little breaks to watch what was happening in Windsor on TV. So I only have to change the bed, wash the bedding & dust & vacuum the bedroom (although I did do it today it will need done again after I change the bed).


I have started the seeds off that arrived yesterday in the linen cupboard - the nearest thing I have to an airing cupboard - so hopefully in a week or two I will have some little seedlings to plant outdoors?


I particularly need the peppermint seeds to germinate as it is meant to deter mosquito's, though the mint I uprooted & planted in the trough is having some effect, there seem to be less of them buzzing around outside of the lounge window late afternoons/early evenings?


Fingers crossed I haven't had any more bites since the two on my forearm, but as I suspected the larger of those is scarring though the smaller one has almost disappeared now.


So that is it from me until the morning when I type up & publish the newsletter. Enjoy your evening.


Rita x

Friday 18th May - 4.20pm


Postievan man Nick dropped off the A1 cutting mat this morning & no matter how many times I have put pieces of A4 paper together to try to estimate how big this thing was going to be, it was still a surprise!


So then the problem was where would I store it? I had thought about against the wall in the back of one of the fitted robes, but then it wouldn't stand up straight & would develop a curl on the lower edge.


Under the bed isn't an option as I have no 'under the bed' as the base sits solidly flush to the floor - & then I had a light bulb moment (admittedly the first in a very long time) & realised that it would simply lay on top of everything in one of the huge drawers under the bed & it is a perfect fit - which just goes to show how huge these drawers under the bed are!



I had a lovely time digitally colouring in these little critters & ended up with three different tones, so I decided a sheet of toppers was the way to go. Then I thought that you would need something to mount them on to so I created the background paper for you too.


I did a bit of work when I finished my exercise & as the computer was prompting me to let it update, I clicked okay & made the usual wrap for lunch, fully expecting to come back to work afterwards.


But the update took just shy of two hours & then the computer had the usual temperamental fit for the next hour before settling down again - saying there was no internet connection - even though I was online on the tablet at that moment etc. Sadly, ensuring your computer installs the updates when they become available is an essential chore in this day & age.


Happily the compost arrived during this period so I was out back repotting a house plant, adding another layer of compost to the trough I planted up the other day, watering the baby orchard, poppies & bluebells (which are having their best year ever somehow?) for the most part. 


My herb seeds also arrived this morning so I am just waiting for the little seedling bags & mini buckets to arrive, at some point next week, & I can put one of my plans for the garden into action. I am really looking forward to doing that.


Harry & Meghan's wedding tomorrow so the TV will be on for much of the morning as I get on with other stuff. I have to admit that Harry has always been my favourite ...... & Meghan is so beautiful, she will be a wonderful Royal princess, & they obviously genuinely adore one another.


Rita x

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