Daily Updates

Thursday 25th April


I managed to get two wash loads dried outside this morning before the showers came over at around 1pm. Although the showers haven't amounted to much thus far, I am hoping we may get a bit more rain overnight as it will save me lugging the watering can around again tomorrow.


Must check with my sister later as to whether we are on for coffee tomorrow or not, as she wasn't 100% sure that she was free when she texted to suggest it the other night.


Spent much of the day using up loads of paper scraps I seem to have accumulated recently, I don't use backing paper all that much so it is usually tons of card scraps I am finding use for - usually through the die cutting machine. Anyhow, constructed another couple of boxes & two quick cards which are now in the Gallery if you are interested.



A sheet of toppers from what I have called the 'Flower folk' same overall family as both the flower & wild flower children, just the adult version.


I have done loads of decoupage sheets from these flower folk images but kept on going & ended up with a file I dubbed 'extras', which is where this sheet of mirrored toppers comes from.


I also got the other May birthday card done today for my nephew, so I have the three I need for the month all done now & I will make a start on June birthdays next week.


Michelle arrived soon after two & we had a good catch up over mugs of tea.  She is still taking all of the overtime that is offered as they are going back to Mexico for their summer holidays this year & they are putting all of the extra income toward that.


I caught up on all of the recent pictures of the girls that she has on her phone, as well as what they have all been up to. Like every working mum Michelle barely has time to sleep; keeping up with the girls social lives; ferrying them around; work; the housework & meals etc. etc. 


Okay, that's me done for today, I will catch up with you all again tomorrow with the upload.


Rita x

Wednesday 24th April


I was pretty intent on heading along to the High Street today, but the urgency increased somewhat when I discovered that my electric blanket had given up on me when I switched it on last night! I use it pretty much every night but with it being so warm over Easter I didn't bother with it, or I would have discovered the problem earlier.


I did sit in bed last night scouring the internet, but decided to see if I could pick one up today along at the High Street so I wouldn't have to do without until one was delivered.


So as soon as I was done with my usual routines, I waited for the washing machine to finish, so I could peg the washing outside before I left & then booked a cab.



The other sheet of these floral tag embellishments I put together recently, so that should give you a good colour selection.


Unfortunately I couldn't find any electric blankets along at the High Street, but I did pick up the other bits I needed, & had my usual latte in Costa before getting the cab home.


As soon as I unpacked my bits & bobs I went back online & ordered an electric blanket there, which will be here by Monday - though hopefully sooner.


Then I settled down at the work bench & made a start on the birthday cards for May. Happily one thing I did spot while I was out was some unicorn 3D stickers as one of the cards I need to make is for my little craft buddy Maisie, fortunately both she & her sister Lexie loved that paper pad I had bought with all of the unicorns & rainbows etc on.


So I used some of the 3D stickers along with one of the papers she chose to use for a box we made, to create a cute card for her 11th birthday at the end of May. 


I also got one more done that I need for the middle of the month so only one more to make for a nephew, who celebrates his birthday on the 1st May. I haven't posted pictures to the gallery, as these are all personal cards for family members.


Michelle is dropping by tomorrow afternoon after work, & my sister texted last night asking if I wanted to go out Friday, as she thinks she is free. I could have gone hunting for an electric blanket then but as it isn't confirmed I didn't want to take the chance.


Okay, off to go get the washing in off the line. Catch up with you all with the uploads tomorrow.


Rita x

Tuesday 23rd April


Happily I only needed a couple of quick things sorted at my check up with the dentist this morning, so Roxie did them there & then for me. Everyone was running around like crazy following the long weekend so didn't get a chance to peep inside the little boxes I had made, but I am sure they will be pleased to have a quick sugar rush to keep them going, when they did get chance.


I need to nip along to the High Street & was thinking of going straight from the dentist appointment today, but following on from the beautiful Easter weekend weather I had gone out without a coat, & discovered it was getting chillier as I stood waiting for the taxi to come pick me up afterward, so decided I would do the High Street later in the week instead.



It has been a while since I last designed a project for you so I finally got my finger out & got a couple put together & typed up for you last weekend. Unfortunately this isn't the best photograph in the world to show you the twisted aspect of this circular easel card, sorry but I didn't really notice that until I was typing up the newsletter on Sunday.  


Anyhow, don't worry if you do not have any circular dies, simply raid the kitchen cupboards for things like glasses, tea cup or mugs, saucers & plates etc that you can draw around & then cut out by hand, or if you have a compass (probably in the kids pencil case) that would be even better. It is a very simple project to put together once you have the circles cut out, so don't be put off.


I had a bit of a play at the work bench when I got in & have put together a couple of pretty pink cards, which are now in the Gallery, if you are interested. It really feels good to get back to my card making now that the files are all filled up with designs ready to upload again.


I have spent the last hour catching up on the ironing, while watching the news channel. So President Trump is coming for the state visit in June, bigger event means even more protesters than last time, so I wonder how they are planning on keeping him away from them all this time? He was transported everywhere by helicopter last time, but that's not going to work for an official state visit...........could prove interesting.


Catch up with you all with the uploads tomorrow.


Rita x

Monday 22nd April


It has been another beautiful day outside, so I did convince myself to go give the little lawn - well the dandelions anyhow - a bit of a trim around lunchtime, but for the rest of the day I have been happily playing at the work bench.


Mostly successful happily, but I ended up binning the six sided box after I photographed it, so there are a whole bunch of new pictures in the Gallery if you want to see.



I don't think I have uploaded any templates for a while so I worked up a few new ones for you recently. This is that really cute little box (I made another today) & they are so addictive because they are so easy to make, & a great way of using up all of your itty bitty pretty paper scraps. I have six all packed up with little chocolate eggs inside to take to the dentist with me in the morning.


Okay, I am off to see what to make for tea now. Catch up with you all tomorrow with the uploads.


Rita x

Sunday 21st April


I hope you are all having a lovely Easter weekend, the weather has been lovely, warm & dry here in the UK, & it is meant to carry on through the rest of the long weekend too.


It is going to be the usual short Sunday update as I got all of the housework done today, so no time for anything else I am afraid.



I uploaded this springtime sheet this morning, alongside the newsletter, as the bonus sheet. My intention was to leave room for you to get your punches or dies around each of the designs, rather than adding a box around them, as I would normally do.



I decided this morning to go with the George Barbier images, that I had worked up in oval decoupage format, first & save the flower folks designs until later.


There are lots of each so I am planning on keeping them together so will upload a bunch of these & maybe break with a bunch of the others & then swap back? I haven't decided 100% as yet so we shall see how it goes as we go along.


So all of the housework is done, but there are a couple of washloads out on the lines that will need to come in later, but I will catch up with any ironing tomorrow.


I decided about ten minutes ago that I need to move my large format paper pads closer as I am using those a lot right now, so this will mean another reorganisation of the craft zone, though I do hope it ends up being a small one! A job for tomorrow too I think.


Catch up with you all tomorrow afternoon with the uploads.


Rita x

Saturday 20th April


I was really good first thing & spent two hours on emails, I still have one in my personal email left to respond to, but it was warming up rapidly outside by that time so I decided to shelve that one for another day & get on with my usual routine, before heading outdoors.


I sowed some more seeds in another little propagator I had bought when I was out with my sister the other week, mainly mint seeds to put into the hanging planters outside of the lounge window, which keep the mozzies from swarming there in the evenings, well - along with the lavender in the trough below the window anyhow.


I had a chat with little James over the fence & fed their dog Suki a few treats, as I usually do. He told me about little Ryans birthday party this afternoon & mentioned something about firemen, but as I am not into watching kids TV I really had no idea what that was about.


I pottered around out back until around 1pm & then came indoors for lunch.

Card Kits


The final design in these Oriental style card kits for you today, which means another file emptied & binned.


There were a couple of things that I wanted to play around with this afternoon so I settled at the work bench after lunch & played all afternoon. I ended up making three versions of mini milk cartons & once I was happy with them I booted up the computer to create templates for you.


At some point while I was working a noise from outside kept distracting me so I got up & went to the bedroom window to see what was happening. The street was full of parked cars & there was a fire engine outside of next door. At first I was concerned that something had happened then I remembered James mentioning something earlier about firemen & realised this must be what he was talking about.


It looked like a real fire engine to me & the guys were dressed as firemen too, but I assume it is a kids party set up & not the real fire brigade? Anyhow, I was just about to come back to the work bench when something else caught my eye, a guy dressed up as a fireman but with a huge cartoon head, who was having his picture taken with the kids at Ryans birthday party.


So I assume they all had a brilliant afternoon, I know James was excited when I spoke with him this morning - though not nearly excited enough not to ask if he could come around tomorrow, but that is housework day, so he suggested Monday & I told him we would see.


Anyhow I digress.... I have now created templates for each of the three variations of the mini milk cartons I made & have posted pictures to the Gallery of them. Plus the sample lollipop stick photo frame I made for the girls as reference & a picture of what I was up to on Thursday night - making six of those little boxes & stuffing them with shredded yellow paper & mini chocolate eggs. I have a dental appointment on Tuesday so wanted to make something in the Easter theme for the girls there.


Okay, bit of a long update this afternoon so I won't waffle on any longer. I will catch up with you all in the morning when I publish the newsletter to site.


Rita x

Friday 19th April


I had the girls all afternoon, from about 1.15 until close to six, so we got tons of stuff done.


I had picked up some hats while I was out yesterday, to stick all of those critters & stuff on, but didn't want the girls knowing what I had planned if they read the update with Grandma last night, & they mentioned today that they had.


They really enjoyed creating their own paper from a little drawing they each did & then using that to create the laminated cover for their notebooks, as they had asked me how I created the stuff for the website previously & I had promised we would do that this time.


They made memory wire bracelets, Easter baskets, decorated mini pegs, made lollipop stick picture frames which they decorated with lots of die cut flowers, I showed them how to make really easy geometric boxes, & I forget what else! But we covered everything from their previous list plus the idea's I had come up with.


Mum & Dad dropped them off & Mum & Grandma came to fetch them, so I didn't get much time with either Mum or Dad but I have promised, once again, that I will make a stop over on my way to or from my next London trip.



The final one in this particular quartet of oval decoupages for you this afternoon. I think we will go with one with a more intricate final layer again for the next bunch, maybe some of the flower folks ones that I have been working on recently?


Anyhow, they will all be coming up again in the summer for my B-I-L's 80th birthday, which is at the end of July, though I may decide to head down there before that?


Okay, I am off to make something for tea & then I will come back & clear up afterwards. Not much mess really as we were clearing down between projects because of the shortage of space here, just a few bits to put back in their place & a quick vacuum & I will be done I think?


Catch up with you at the usual time tomorrow with the uploads.


Rita x

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