Daily Updates

Thursday 21st September - 4.15pm


The lashing rain woke me a couple of times in the night, so I had to drag myself out of bed this morning. But it has dried up since then & turned into a really nice day, if somewhat windy. Needless to say the garden looks like it has been raining leaves again so much worse than it was before I cleared it up yesterday - but at least the bin was emptied this morning making room for more leaf debris.


I did the usual stuff on the computer first thing, logged off & had my shower, & was almost done on the exercise bike when the joiner appeared.


He has been here before because I remember him, but can't recall what he came to fix last time. He looked at what the joiner yesterday had done with the gatepost & said he would check that a new one had been ordered & if not he would do that, & then much to my surprise said he would also order a new kitchen cupboard to replace the one with problems.


I was surprised because it will involve a lot of work as the sink above is set into the bench so I assumed that the entire thing would have to be replaced, but he said they should be able to get the old one out & a new one in without having to  take the bench off! Good, because I am pretty sure a new cupboard won't match the existing ones so I would have no hope of a new bench being a match!

Paper Collection


Almost forgot! I began uploading a new paper collection today, this one is called Shabby Industrial &  you will need to remember to go to that page regularly to collect the sheets, as I only preview it here in the update on the day I launch it.




Even though this is decorated as a Christmas card I haven't added it in with the Christmas stuff as I only decorated it this way because my ladies are constantly asking for Christmas projects. The actual notes actually cover the lever fold itself, which is encased in a panel on both the front & back to give you a nice flat space to decorate. So you can use the card base for any themed project you have in mind.


I made another couple of Christmas cards this afternoon but having had a disturbed night I found it hard to concentrate, so die cut & punched a load of flowers out & have been sitting watching daytime TV whilst shaping those ready for use on my projects. You know how much I love to add dimensional flowers to them all!


Fortunately I made enough food at teatime yesterday for today too so I just have to heat that up, so a nice easy tea.


Oh! I had a chat with Naomi over the fence this morning for a while, & she was  filling me in on James 5th birthday party (with 50 friends) over at the soft play across the way at the weekend, & swearing 'never again'! 


Catch you all tomorrow.


Rita x

Wednesday 20th September - 4.10pm


Did the usual stuff first thing on the computer followed by a shower & my exercise. Then I went online to order a new cordless keyboard as this one is having serious problems, particularly with a sticky space bar & various other keys! The new one will be here Friday/Saturday - can't wait as this one is driving me crazy!


If it had decided to start playing up before I went out on Monday morning I could have replaced it while I was out, but it waited until I got back before deciding to mess around!


As soon as I was done on the exercise bike I got the leaf vac out of the front outside cupboard - inspected it for spiders - & then carried it through to out back & had a clear up. When I was done I decided to have my daily latte but as it was doing its thing I could smell burning but before I could switch it off it died of its own accord!


I had absolutely no inkling it was on the way out & have loads of latte pods stashed, so back online & found the best price at Argos, so waiting for it to arrive now. Obviously if I had known that was on the way out I would have ordered a new keybooard from Argos too & then I wouldn't have to put up with this one playing up until Friday or Saturday!


Just had a text, the new coffee machine will be here in the next 15 minutes, what would I do without Argos? So that is the leaf vac, the keyboard & the coffee machine so I hope that is the end of the need to replace anything else for a while. Remember all of those things I had to replace before my London trip about this time last year?

Card Kits


A really pretty rose featured in this card kit for you this afternoon, again I used the final layer of decoupage to create the background paper. Have I mentioned that each of the various roses also has a full sheet of the background papers on file too? I will begin uploading those soon.


Anyhow, early afternoon I spotted someone messing inside the garden by the gate, so I assumed that the joiner was a day early as that is one of the two things I called the landlord about? But it turns out that as it is a shared gatepost with Emilie she had also reported the problem, so he has driven wedges in as a temporary measure & has ordered a new post. Hopefully I will still get a joiner in the morning to fix the cupboard under the sink in the kitchen.


New coffee machine is here.


So I have had a couple of chats with Emilie over the fence this afternoon, she has lost another seven pounds so is currently six & a half stone! She is in denial even though they have told her it is psycological, but I am seriously worried because if she doesn't stop losing weight her organs will shut down.


I wish you could all see her, she is a very pretty little thing with everything to live for, but then it doesn't work that way does it? Mental health can smite anyone at any time, no matter what your age, status or looks.


I gave her lots of cuddles, as always, & she asked if she could come live with me! I had to laugh & said 'where?' Bless, she knows I tell her as it is & that I am only concerned for her, but I really wish they could get through to her & at least get her off the booze & back onto food! She really should be in a community facility as she just can't cope when she is on her own. Leroy is there right now, so at least she has some company.


I spent the afternoon making Christmas cards, which I haven't posted to the Gallery as they are intended for friends who follow the website. Now I am off to  unpack my new coffee machine, ready for my morning latte tomorrow.


Catch you all tomorrow afternoon.


Rita x


Oh! That was the final sheet of the current paper collection that I just uploaded, & although I will begin uploading the new one tomorrow I will leave the final one's from this collection on the page for a few days, so everyone can catch up.

Tuesday 19th September - 4.35pm


Got a bit more work done this morning before logging off - more Christmas sheets -though I really need to get a few Halloween designs done too, as I haven't done any so far for this year! Though to be honest I don't know anyone who actually sends Halloween cards so it isn't something that crosses my mind that much!


By the time I logged off, had my shower, got dressed, did my hour of exercise all I really had time to get done was a quick vacuum before lunch, & then my ladies arrived soon after.


Happily a quiet day up till then news wise anyhow.



Just a simple sheet of gold framed toppers for you this afternoon, handy to keep in your craft stash though, as you never know when you might need one to finish off a project!


I had done another Christmas project for the ladies today, even though the lady who asks each time for Christmas projects is actually away on holiday this week. But it was mainly cutting & gluing with very little measuring, so the others were more than happy with that.


I always have the sample there for them to look at but generally leave them to arrange the embellishments to suit themselves, & they made a good job of the finished projects.

I gave them various accent colours to choose from & it was nice to see how the project looked using different colours.


Got a call on my mobile half way through the session but ignored it, but a little later it came through on the landline so I took it.


The bloods I had done yesterday were back already & it was the surgery ringing - on doctors orders - unlike last time when the optician sent me there for tests & I had to wait almost three weeks for the results!


Definitely paying dividends being back under the wing of my own GP - the one who missed the whole gall bladder thing - but he is definitely the best one of the bunch there. The receptionist even offered to book in the follow up set in six weeks time - I had to laugh as I know he had her do that - because he knows I simply wouldn't bother doing it otherwise! 


Meant to be nice again tomorrow so another sweep out back with the leaf vac I think, & maybe do the front lawn too - before it rains on Thursday. I have the joiner coming to sort a couple of problems late morning Thursday, via the landlord so no charges involved! Not sure how he will address either problem so could be interesting?


Okay enough of my filling in because I haven't got anything to tell you  - oh! but I did get a card done earlier & have posted it to the Gallery if you are interested.


Rita x

Monday 18th September - 4pm


I managed to get a little bit of work done this morning before I logged off, earlier than usual, to shower & get dressed ready to leave for my  appointment. Got there five minutes early but everything was running on time so I was out of there within about  twenty minutes.


So I headed straight down to Wilko as the bathroom blind broke yesterday & I wanted to buy a new one. It is only a small window so often have trouble buying blinds for it & have ended up with both yellow & cream previously, the only one's I could get to fit at the time! Happily I managed to find one the right size & in white at Wilko, so that done I had a wander for a half hour or so while I was there.


Next stop was a favourite cafe further inside the mall where I had my latte while I sat in the window, as usual. The staff are really nice there & I often have a chat with them to see how they are doing & how life is treating them, etc.  & the talk today was all about Christmas shopping for their kids.


I wandered back toward the greengrocer after my coffee for some fresh fruit & then to the taxi rank to get a cab back home again.



It often takes a half dozen or more designs before I achieve one that I can use as the paper collection, so many get binned along the way. But I liked how this one came out & although it wouldn't have worked as a collection I did try it just in mono & liked that too, so I have uploaded both for you today.


Putting up a new blind in the bathroom window is never easy as the only way to get to it is to stand on top of the loo! The new blind was slightly wider than the previous one so I had to make new screw holes - the 'no drill' version with a hammer & a nail! But I got there in the end & I am really happy with the white blind, it looks far better than the previous two coloured versions, as the bathroom is white with blue accents.


Then I had my usual wrap over the news for lunch at 1pm & then did my exercises -  that I didn't have time to do earlier.


Finally I wandered into the craft zone to finish a card I began last night - which ended up in the bin - & then made another which I photographed & uploaded to the Gallery just now.


Have my ladies tomorrow afternoon so will catch up with you again after they leave.


Rita x

Sunday 17th September - 4.30pm


I was really late getting the weekend housework underway this morning as I got involved in some Christmas designs after I published the newsletter to the website.



The final sheet of the quartet of dimensional Christmas toppers that I uploaded this morning as the bonus sheet, alongside the newsletter previewing the other files I plan to upload in the coming seven days.

Boxes etc.


One of those templates I worked up earlier in the week. I had seen a picture of this style of box in one of the craft books I used to buy in the early days of my hobby, but have never got around to figuring out how to create it, until now.


It took a lot of fiddling around to get all the angles right, but well worth the effort as I adore how it turned out! You don't need any adhesive, the square panel slides down on the top to hold it in all in position, & you can thread a little stick through the top to secure that - I gave given the position of the holes for this on the templates - I just didn't have a stick, well other than a cocktail stick but that looked stupid!


I really have just finished the housework, had a shower & thrown all of the towels into the machine. But I managed to get it all done, so looking forward to climbing into a lovely clean bed tonight!


Catch you all tomorrow afternoon.


Rita x

Saturday 16th September - 4.30pm


Being a Saturday I decided to work a little longer on the computer first thing than I normally would, & got a couple of really intricate decoupage sheets done. So it was almost 10am when I did close down the computer & headed for the shower.


By the time I got dressed & did my hour on the exercise bike it was almost 12 so I made a cuppa & a wrap & caught up with the overnight news. Once again our authorities have  excelled themselves & have the guy who left the bomb on the tube train yesterday morning in custody.


After lunch I came & settled into the craft zone & finished off the second card I was working on yesterday afternoon & then made another - both of which I have just posted to the Gallery.

Men's page


A quick topper sheet for the guys today, some old fashioned cars racing. They are all in the same colour family so I think would make a nice card gift set?


About 3pm I cleared up in the craft zone & got another chore ticked off the 'to do' list, that being stripping down & cleaning the semi built in book case in the hallway. That little trolley I bought at Dunelm recently has proved to be invaluable, & was perfect for this particular job too. So I cleared one shelf at a time & had the trolley right next to me ready to load the books onto, so no bending required for the higher shelves at least.


That done I decided on another cuppa & catch up with the news to discover that the police are searching a house where, I assume, the guy they arrested this morning lives. They have evacuated the properties nearby in case there are any more explosive devices inside.


I am expecting Naomi (from the house next door) popping by at some point for a package that was delivered this afternoon, she texted last night to ask if I could take it in for her.


I have been thinking about these daily updates................. Now I don't get out much I really struggle most days to find something to write each afternoon. Maybe I should think about just uploading the daily file & leave it at that....?


Catch you all in the morning when I publish the newsletter & bonus sheet.


Have a lovely evening.


Rita x

Friday 15th September - 4.30pm


Having done the usual early morning computer stuff first thing, I hadn't been out of the shower long & was just about to climb aboard the exercise bike when Postie Bob arrived.


I had suddenly had a 'light bulb' moment at the weekend about how to stop the hammock blowing over in high winds, so I had searched the internet & placed an order for just a few pounds. It was this package that Postie Bob handed me so I quickly headed out back to see if my little idea would actually work.


Two bungee cords with clip locks on the ends, I used a piece of wire to thread them around the central rung of the fence & then wrapped it around both the frame & swing, at both ends, & then locked the clips - I think it should do the trick?


Then I came back indoors & got my exercise done, threw the first washload into the tumble & set another load away & then made my usual wrap & settled down with the one o'clock news while I ate lunch.


There isn't anything I can say that hasn't already been said, but my heart goes out to all those caught up in the incident on the tube train in London this morning. We are so fortunate here in the UK to have such a wealth of professionals who spring into action at the first hint of trouble, & I am sure that the authorities will have those responsible in custody quickly.

Diary Dates


Another sheet of those dimensional toppers that you just need to cut out & stick to the front of a base card, for when you need one in a hurry. This one has the greeting on too, so that makes it even easier for you.


After lunch I got the vacuum out & had a good clean & then went round with the duster.

Then I settled down in the craft zone at around 2.15pm.


I have made another card that I actually like, which I posted in the Gallery before I began this typing, if you are interested. Then I began another, which is progressing well & I may get it finished this evening, if there isn't anything of interest on TV, otherwise it will be done in the morning.


Okay, that is it from here for another day, catch up with you again tomorrow afternoon.


Rita x

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