Daily Updates

Monday 26th June - 4.05pm

I slept almost through the night undisturbed last night, yippee!

Okay, before I forget there are four new pictures on the end of the June Gallery section if you are interested.

After the usual early morning computer stuff I showered & exercised & then headed out back to tidy up the garden from the debris scattered out there by the high winds the past few days. I was really careful to avoid the wall outside of the bathroom where the bees are nesting, & so must have looked hilarious trying to brush that part of the garden path with the brush held out at arms length!

When I was done I came indoors & made a more colourful version of the project I am going to do tomorrow with the ladies. I left the main card in ivory but used a deep lavender for all of the accents, & I am sure that at least one of my ladies will love it as she loves anything purple!

Card Kits

The second of these Wildflower Children card kits with Crackle paper backgrounds for you today. As always when I am designing these card kits I imagine how nice they will look tied into a bundle along with their envelopes, with a nice piece of ribbon or twine, & then slipped into a nice box with a matching image on top? 

Haven't done much this afternoon as my two previously disturbed nights caught up with me so I curled up in my chair about 1.30pm & had a lovely snooze!

I had just made a cuppa when I woke when Michelle phoned to say she was almost finished her assignment, & thought one more morning/afternoon would see it done. She is dropping by before heading into work for the late shift on Wednesday lunchtime & I will print everything off for her then, as their printer isn't working properly.

So now I feel refreshed & will hopefully have another good nights sleep tonight to get me back on track properly.

Almost forgot - when I viewed the paper collection I was planning to run with online this morning I decided I hated it, so have dumped it & replaced it with a new, prettier one. See Sunday's amended update.

Have the ladies tomorrow afternoon so will do the update after they leave.

R x

Sunday 25th June - 3.55pm

Just a quick update as it is Sunday so I have been doing housework all day.


The bonus sheet I uploaded this morning with the newletter is actually one of the last two Quartet paper sets & I plan to upload the final one at some point this week too.

Card Toppers

The next in this little series of duo decoupage toppers featuring the vintage teddies for you this afternoon.

Paper Collection

Changed my mind about the new paper collection since I previewed it in the newsletter, decided it looked horrid when I loaded it to the website so have swapped to this pretty delicate floral one instead!

I had another disturbed night again last night & am wondering if it is these high winds howling outside waking me? Ergo I am pretty tired right now so signing off to go put tea in the oven & then to curl up in my favourite chair for an evening of TV.

R x

Saturday 24th June - 4.55pm

I had a really rough night last night, I dozed off watching TV in bed - which isn't unusual - but woke up about an hour later from a crazy dream with my heart pounding? So I set the timer on the TV to turn itself off after an hour & dozed off again only to fall straight back into the same dream!

Again I woke myself up but this time I kept myself awake watching the end of a program before the timer switched the TV off. I woke several more times during the night, too hot then too cold, at 4.20 & 6am & finally got up when the alarm sounded 7am? No idea what that was all about?

Anyhow, these past six months come high up the list of being the longest of my life but finally it is over, I got the news I was hoping for this morning! Happily this means I won't need to queue up at the food bank any time soon!

Design Sheets

I created two of these sheets at the same time & am pretty sure I uploaded the other as the bonus sheet one Sunday morning recently, just in case you wanted it too.

I uploaded two new cards to the Gallery this morning if you are interested & have made another couple today, so will try to remember to upload those in the morning when I publish the newsletter.

Although I was planning a whole afternoon in the craft zone I grew weary, following my disturbed night, around 3pm so wandered off into the lounge & have been curled up in my armchair with my book ever since.

I am almost at the end of the final book in the series of thirteen, & will try to leave the last couple of chapters for the exercise bike in the morning?

Okay, I am hungry now so off to make the tea. Catch you all again in the morning when I publish the newsletter to the site.

Have a great evening!

R x

Friday 23rd June - 4.15pm

First thing, as soon as I had done the usual computer checks I launched the design program & put together something cute for the little one's card for early next month. Then I printed that off & constructed the card, did the insert & packaged it all up ready for a stamp & for Postie Bob to take it away for me.

Just as I was preparing to head into the shower my sister texted to ask if I wanted to go have a coffee somewhere today & do a bit of shopping. I had the Asda delivery booked for between 3 & 5 but that still gave us four hours as she picked me up at 11am.

We headed to the bigger of the two shopping malls that are nearby & although I didn't particularly need anything I ended up treating myself to a couple of new tops, one from M&S & the other from Next . We had lunch in M&S for a change, as it is normally the Costa coffee shop in Next.

Then we headed back to the smaller of the malls for a wander, I was looking for some summer sandals but got bored with that after three or four shops so didn't end up buying any!


I think there are only two more of these quartet paper sets on file now so I may upload both of those next week, just to finish off that file too.

I got back here sometime between 2.30 & 2.45pm & had literally just put the stuff away when Asda arrived with the groceries, so good timing!

My sister was down south visiting the girls recently so I caught up with all of the gossip from her trip, & on the other five grand kids who live up here. I really don't know how she keeps up with them all as it is a diary event for her to have a child free day!

I was hoping that the girls would be coming up this summer for a week, but apparently nothing was mentioned while she was visiting, though I was wishing even more work on her anyhow, so probably a good thing there are no plans.

As you know I changed my will last year leaving all of my crafty stuff to the eldest of the two girls, but when they were last here crafting she asked a very interesting question - was all of the instructions written down somewhere? I have pondered this ever since.

I have now decided that the easiest thing would be to make short video's, starting at the very beginning with the basics & build up a collection for her. I guess that as the years go by the machines I use will evolve & I will need to update some of the video's along the way, but at least I have a plan now.

Okay, that is it from me for another day.

R x

Thursday 22nd June - 3.45pm

This morning the weather didn't look too promising but I put in a wash load anyhow - with fingers crossed. But by the time I had done the usual early morning computer checks & then had my shower & did the normal hour of exercises it still didn't look good, so I tumbled the the washing instead.

I felt the need to get physically busy today having simply sat around crafting for a few days in a row, so spent the next hour or two doing a bit of housework & reorganising the craft zone shelves.

I stopped for lunch at about 12.30pm, the usual wrap but had a banana today as opposed to an apple, while I caught up with the latest news.

Card Kits

The first in a new little set of card kits for you this afternoon featuring the Wildflower Children & the Crackle paper collection. There are four in this set for you to collect over the coming weeks, all using different images & a Crackle paper to match the image.

Michelle arrived not long after 1.30pm & we got to work straight way as I wasn't sure how much was left to do so had no idea how long it would take & I knew she would have to leave to go pick up the girls.

Happily there wasn't a great deal left to work on so we were done in about half an hour or so, so we settled down in the lounge with coffee for a catch up before she left.

The day didn't improve weatherwise, dry but humid with cloudy skies, so I am glad I used the tumble drier on the washing earlier.

After Michelle left I got to work on the first of July's birthday cards & managed to get the first of those finished & ready for an insert. I need one for the youngest family member for his 2nd birthday on the 6th & then two more male birthdays later in the month & a final one for Michelle's oldest, Chloe at the end of July.

August is another busy month with four birthdays then fairly quiet again (only one in September & one in October) until November & December.

Think I might go out tomorrow depending on the weather, hanging around on street corners waiting for cabs is no fun in the rain! Could go pick my specs up from the optician but they might as well stay where they are until the doctor tells me the blood work results on Thursday next week, so I can report back to the optician then.

Catch you all again tomorrow.

R x

Wednesday 21st June - 4.15pm

I got my wish & was woken this morning by the sound of rolling thunder, really LOUD rolling thunder too! Not sure how long it had been going on when it woke me around 6.15am, but once I was awake I just had to get up & open the blinds so I could see outside - but there was nothing to see!

By the time I had been to the kitchen & made my first mug of tea of the day the rain arrived & the skies were almost black. It rained on & off pretty heavily for several hours & was still going while I was exercising between 9 & 10am, but the thunder was very short lived & was gone well before 7am.

I had done the usual early morning computer checks & made the first card of the day before my shower as I was planning another crafty day.

Diary Dates

The first of the American Independence Day designs for this year, but I am not planning on doing many as they are obviously of no use to my UK audience.

Anyhow, apart from the usual wrap & apple for lunch while I watched the news at around 1pm this afternoon I have been in the craft zone all day. I finished the last design just before I booted up the computer to do this update so with those I did yesterday there are seven new cards at the bottom of the June section of the Gallery - if you are interested.

I am challenging myself to adding more colour back into my work again, not that I am bored with the ivory tone on tone, but it makes for a very dull gallery display! I have been working on 20cm square cards for the past few days, though square is my favourite shape I generally cut my own so stick to 15cm squares.

I bought a new batch of the larger cards last time I placed an order with Hobbycraft, without realising I already had two packs hidden away in one of the drawers - but they will all get used! 

Someone from the doctors surgery rang me a little earlier to say the doctor wanted to discuss the blood work results with me & had asked them to call to arrange a telephone appointment with me, but I explained I had rang yesterday for the results & they had made the appointment for me then! 

Okay, off to make something for tea. Catch up with you all after Michelle leaves tomorrow afternoon.

R x

Tuesday 20th June - 4.45pm

Been waking up early for about a week now, my subconscious waking me before the floorboards upstairs begin creaking again! So I was off the computer, showered & exercised all by 9am this morning & have spent the remainder of the day playing in the craft zone.

I have the project for the ladies session next week all worked up as well as typed up & I dropped it onto the bottom of the June section of the Gallery just now, along with the two practice cards I made before the actual project.

I finally created it in soft grey & ivory, though I will give the ladies some nice pastel colours to go with the base ivory card when they make theirs up. I am fairly happy with it, though coming up with an easier way to create the slot for the penny slider was the best part!


Okay the other sheet of mini toppers featuring the vintage teddies for you today, hope you like these one's just as much as the first set I uploaded for you the other week.

I rang the doctor's surgery earlier & wasn't altogether surprised when they wouldn't give me the blood work results, they said the lady doctor wanted to talk to me about them & gave me a telephone appointment for next Thursday!

I don't think it has anything to do with the thing the optician was worried about because that same lady doctor last week ordered a raft of tests along with that one, I think it is something to do with a blood test I was suppose to go get earlier in the year, though can't for the life of me remember what it was for now?!!!

Hey ho! Will find out next Thursday morning when the doctor phones!

After I typed up the project notes for next week I settled in & have had a lovely crafty day, I made a further three cards that I am really happy with but haven't uploaded to the computer yet, will try to remember tomorrow!

Our weather here along the north east coast has cooled considerably today, but it is so close that I have had a mild headache all day - really looking forward to the possibility of thunder storms overnight tonight/tomorrow morning - will clear the air, but as you know I love storms anyhow & it has been absolutely  ages since we had a really decent one!

Okay, I am off to make tea. Catch up with you all tomorrow.

R x

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